Apple iPhone 5s
Apple iPhone 5s.

The supply for the recently released Apple flagship phone iPhone 5S has reportedly been further lowered, making it go out of reach of its potential buyers.

iPhone 5S' supply was expected to drop by less than 5 percent within three weeks of its release, according to Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray.

It has been understood that following the iPhone 5S launch on 20 September, the gadget acquired a 27 percent share of all iPhone stock. However, the phone's supply system was not able to meet its buyer demand.

Apple's previous flagship model iPhone 5 had suffered a similar fate, as the firm was not able to catch up with its demand till early December last year. Now the iPhone 5S model is set to face the same issue. The estimated shipping date for 5S is of two or three weeks, as shown by Apple stores, reports CNET.

In related news, a recent study raises questions on iPhone 5S' and 5C's touch screen accuracy. OptoFidelity, one of the mobile testing firms, states that though the phones react quickly to users, they fail in tracking fingers as accurately as an 18-month-old Samsung Galaxy S3.

When tested by an accurate robotic finger, it came to notice that Samsung S3 was accurate over the whole screen except the edges but the iPhones were accurate only on a relatively small area towards the bottom half of the screen, which is coincidentally the keyboard area.

It has been also revealed that both iPhones are inaccurate around the edges as well, which means that corner keys such as P, O, or Q are hard to hit, reports GSM Arena.