Apple iPhone 5 Rumors: 15 Brilliant Concept Designs We're Still Hoping For [PICTURES]
We're about a month away from the alleged reveal of the iPhone 5 which will reportedly take place at an Apple media event planned for Wednesday, Sept. 12. But what if every rumor up until now has been fake? What if all of these reports were planted by Apple to throw us off the scent? For more than a year, designers across the Internet have dreamed up their own ideas and concept designs for what they thought Apple should do with the iPhone 5. Who knows? Maybe Apple will actually listen to one of them. Federico Ciccarese returns with another iPhone design, but he calls this one "iPhone Air." The device is extremely thin and features an edge-to-edge design, making it extremely similar to its cousin, the MacBook Air.Courtesy

With the Apple rumour mill in full swing weeks before iPhone 5 is touted for a launch in September, tech geeks are speculating a slew of new features the fifth-generation smartphone will debut with.   

The latest rumours to send Apple fans reeling in anticipation talk about a display resolution of 640 x 1136 the iPhone 5 may sport, indicating that the device may be taller. The current iPhone 4S has 640 x 960 pixels resolution. Reports also suggest that the smartphone may feature an extra row for apps, 9to5Mac said.

According to technology website, the new iOS 6, which is expected to be pre-installed in the forthcoming smartphone, will feature auto-scaling giving rise to a fifth row of app icons to the home screen of the iPhone 5. This information was initially revealed through iOS development tools and iOS 6.0 simulator.

Additionally, latest image leaks reported by iColorOS website showed several unassembled parts of the iPhone 5. AppleInsider posted the images on its website after iColorOS' website crashed. Image parts are explained in Chinese, but clearly revealed a bigger display close to 4-inches.

Other features that were also expected to arrive on the smartphone include a 9-pin connector and improvements in Apple's Siri. Reports suggest that the voice recognition feature may support additional languages, help to launch apps, stats updates on favourite sports and viewing movie trailers. Even Facebook integration is on the cards, following Twitter's entrance on the iOS 5.