Apple fans disappointed with iPhone 5's striking similarities to previous versions can opt for a gold-plated model but at a higher price.

Liverpool-based design firm Stuart Hughes, which amazed the world with its innovation and creativity in art, has now come up with a special, limited edition of the fifth-iteration device plated in 18-karat gold with diamond finishing.

The all-new blinged iPhone 5, which also has Apple's logo engraved on the back with diamonds, will set one back by a whopping £21,995 (around ₹1.8 million). Click here to have a look at the gold-plated iPhone5

The announcement of the latest luxury mobile phone on the Stuart Hughes website read:

"This beautiful handset took weeks of detailed intricate work to re-create the original chasis of the iphone in solid gold all of which was started and finished by hand, also a full gold dressing for the rear section with the logo in solid gold with 53 flawless diamonds amounting to 1ct. This masterpiece boasts a massive circa of 128 grams of 18ct gold. The result was outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance. The handset is 64gb and is available as a ltd edition of only 100."

This is not the first time the firm experimented with gold and diamonds on the iPhone 5. The company had earlier glistened iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S, of which the latter version was bought by an Australian businesswoman for a staggering £6 million (around ₹511 million).

Gold & Co also forayed into this venture of creating one-of-a-kind versions of iPhone 5. On Saturday, the London-based firm, which previously debuted iPad 2 and iPad 3 in 24-carat gold, unveiled a 24-karat iPhone 5 at the Collector's Palace in Dubai Mall, UAE. The device is also available in rose gold.

Amjad Ali, CEO of Gold & Co, said, "The iPhone 5 is an extraordinary piece of technology and we are delighted to bring yet another 24-carat gold, and our first rose gold, offering to our loyal customers."