With Apple's fifth iteration of the iPhone getting closer to a release, rumors and leaked pictures of the iPhone 5 have gained traction. The latest to hit the list of images is the mini dock USB cable expected to be launched along with the smartphone's debut in September.

According to the images, the new cable sports nine pins on both sides. The chord looks nothing like any of the present chords available for various Apple devices, suggesting that this may either be a revamped model specifically created for the iPhone 5 or just a chord created by some accessory vendors.

Previous versions of the iPhone sported 30-pin dock connectors which many tech enthusiasts believe that Apple will get rid of the dock presently used for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

Although suggestions related to 11 pins and 19 pins are fast catching up, 16 pin and even an eight-pin connector seems be favored as shown through recent leaked videos and images of different dock plugs or chassis of the iPhone 5.

SmartPhone Medic had earlier posted a video of the new connector while parts reseller ETradeSupply showcased iPhone 5 parts having screw holes allegedly drilled to connect a 8 pin connector.

Many believe that the adoption of a smaller dock connector is mainly for creating more space and to add up more component support for the device. But as expected, Apple remains as tight-lipped as ever, refusing to confirm on any details until the iPhone 5's launch on Sept 12. The release date rumor also points that the Cupertino giant may be planning to release Apple iPad mini along with the iPhone 5, thus stepping up the competition with other vendors who are launching similar products.