Apple Leaks iPhone 5 Press Release, LTE Features On Website Ahead Of Event Date
Material discovered on Apple's website says the name of the new iPhone, expected to be unveiled Wednesday will likely be the iPhone 5. Courtesy

The stage is all set for Apple to unveil its next-generation iPhone 5 at a special hosting event in San Francisco on Wednesday, for which the company sent out invitations to the media earlier this month.

The scheduled media conference will begin at 10 am Pacific Time (1 pm ET) at the Yerba Buena Centre for Arts in San Francisco. Unlike its iPod music and "Back to the Mac" events in 2010, the tech giant has not provided any live stream facility to let worldwide Apple lovers catch up with much-awaited iPhone 5 launch event.

Also, none of the TV channels have assured to air the event from Yerba Buena Centre for Arts.

Apple would post the event on YouTube after it ends. But how does one catch up with the iPhone 5 launch as it happens?

Here's a compiled list of reliable websites, which will live blog the event in San Francisco. Also provided are a few other links speculated to live stream the event.

The Ustream page claims to provide the live streaming of Wednesday's event.

The streaming and downloadable versions of the event may be made available by Apple a few hours after concluding the event. Click for Apple Keynotes here or on iTunes.

Technology website iMore is offering live coverage of the Apple as it happens. Its special page says, "Welcome to iMore's special coverage of Apple's September 12, 2012 iPhone 5 event. Apple is not providing any video streams that we're aware of. Live commentary kicks off at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm BST with Rene Ritchie, Marc Edwards, and guests. Post-game wrap-up airs a 6pm PT, 9pm ET, 2am BST with Rene Ritchie, Georgia, Seth Clifford, and David Barnard"

Here are other websites which are said to live blog the iPhone 5 launch.