Apple iPad Pro's Newly Leaked Images Compare Screen Sizes With iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Pro's Newly Leaked Images Compare Screen Sizes With iPad Air

The iPad Pro rumours have long been circulating around the web but there is no confirmation from its master. There were several reports on Apple pushing the production dates due to various reasons, ranging from iPhone 6 demands to problems with large display panel supply.

The attention-grabbing feature of the new tablet remains its massive 12.9-inch screen size, which will crown the unannounced slate as the largest tablet in the entire iPad lineup. Now, a new set of images leaked by French publication Nowhereelse shows just how big the iPad Pro display is going to be.

The leaked images do not show the actual tablet but just a case that will hold the 12.9 iPad Pro. In fact, the images give a better perspective into how big the tablet screen will be compared to Apple's very own iPad Air 2.

According to another website, arktis, the iPad Pro is expected to measure 307mm in height and 222mm in width, which is almost in line with @OnLeaks estimates from last month.

Looking at the images of iPad Pro's protective cases, it is quite clear that the new tablet will feature some tweaks but largely look like the iPad Air 2. There are openings at the bottom and top of the case for stereo speakers and an additional opening on the left side suggests a new port, mostly for the USB Type-C port.

This is not the first time images of iPad Pro cases were leaked. Last week, reputed Apple tipster Sonny Dickson published some images of iPad Pro cases, which pretty much confirm same details. Reports indicate that the new tablet will feature an ultra-thin casing and bezels and will be powered by Apple's A8X processor. In comparison, the tablet will be 55% faster than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.