Tim Cook unveils iPad Air 2
Tim Cook unveils iPad Air 2Reuters

Apple may have gained a lot of traction in the market via its iPhones, but that doesn't mean it has shifted its focus from the popular iPad tablet offerings that have redefined the tablet market in such influential ways.

While 2014 was the year of Apple's two major iPhones – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, a lot has been said and written about Apple's upcoming larger iPad Pro tablet that is massively expected to be Apple's biggest ever iPad – measuring in at 12.9-inches.

As far as recent reports are concerned, there's bad news on the horizon for those awaiting Apple's rumoured 12.9-inch iPad as Apple has notified suppliers to delay the iPad's mass production from the first quarter of 2015 to the second half of the year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

While this does mean a longer wait for the new iPad from Apple, it hardly means fans won't see the tablet before the end of the year. And before the tablet heads over, here's a look at the top five rumours associated with the tablet.

iPad Pro 2015: Changes to Overall Designing
While Apple is indeed to ramp up the size of the next iPad up to a major 12.9-inches, don't expect major changes to the tablet in terms of the overall shape of the slate. Moreover, since the iPad Air's design was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike, there's a slight possibility the Apple might employ the same kind of designing for the new iPad. Apart from that, also expect the iPad Pro to be heavier than the iPad Air since there's no way the company can match the iPad Air's light 454 grams with a 12.9-inch avatar. Still, expect Apple to make the tablet as light as possible.

iPad Pro 2015: Storage Options
A lot of reports are claiming that Apple might finally take the plunge with the new iPad and offer more space inside than the previously released iPad Air. Experts are expecting a bit of storage upgradation from Apple in the upcoming iPad, that will see the storage climb from the current 128GB to a greater 256GB. There have been instances in the past when users have complained about how 128GB may not be enough for internal computing, and Apple may be looking to put all those grievances to rest. That being said, you could expect the 256GB iPad to cost a fortune.

iPad Pro 2015: What's the Processor Inside?
This really isn't much of a rumour, but since we haven't been treated to anything solid on the matter, take everything with a pinch of salt. As far as the new iPad's processing power is concerned, it shouldn't be a major surprise if reports are pointing toward a powerful version of Apple's 64-bit A7 chip, although a brand new A8 processor is highly unlikely (or is it?). But whatever may that be, expect a more powerful processor and beefed up battery.

iPad Pro 2015: An Improved Home Button?
Apple, for the upcoming iPad, is touted to include its TouchID technology in the iPad Pro home button. Apple already knows a thing or two about fingerprint scanning and security, and it is only expected that the tech will get better with the newer version of the iPad. And although rumours in the past have point to an iPhone 6 prototype having no home button, it's highly unlikely that a homebutton-less iPad will be released.

iPad Pro 2015: Camera Support
The camera, very honestly, shouldn't and won't be the main concern for neither the company or its fans. The tablet isn't meant for taking pictures and there are several other handsets in the market that will serve your camera purpose. However, the camera that actually makes any kind of sense on the tablet is the front-facing one that will be so essential for conducting video calls and live conferences. It would be majorly welcomed if Apple at least beefed up the quality of the camera.