Apple In 2015: iPhone 7, iPad Air Plus, iPhone Mini And More
Apple Plans For 2015 Include iPhone 7, iPhone Mini, iPad Air Plus And MoreReuters

It hasn't been too long since the launch of Apple's iPad Air 2 and rumours are already circulating about its successor. The speculations about the unannounced iPad Air 3 are still in the early stages, with media reports mapping the product's release next year. There is nothing concrete on the tablet's specifications, but it's only a matter of time before we get some details.

For now, word has it that Apple will follow its usual timetable to release a new iPad Air tablet in October 2015, according to MacWorld. The launch is still a long way down the road but frequent product leaks can make the wait less boring. The new launch rumors are based on Apple's historical product releases.

Apple announced the original iPad Air 1 in October last year before it was released in November. The most-recent iPad Air 2 was also unveiled in October this year at the company's Cupertino campus in California. This is a good enough reason to believe that October is Apple's standard release month for new iPad Air, like new iPhone launches are reserved in September each year. There will likely be a difference of around ten days as the first iPad Air was launched on 22 Oct. 2013 and the iPad Air 2 was released on 16 October.

There is some confusion about the name of the next iPad Air and if Apple continues its numbering scheme, the new iPad will likely be referred to as iPad Air 3 or iPad 7.

Clearly, Apple will be making some upgrades next year for its new iPad Air, like design tweak, camera improvements, faster processor, sharper display among other changes. Even though it is too early to predict, there might be an A9 or A9X processor running the show under iPad Air 3.