Apple iOS 9 Release Rumors; Google Analytics Spot Devices Running The New OS
Apple iOS 9 Devices Spotted In The WildIbtimes UK

It may be too soon to pin down the iOS 9 update, but latest reports reveal that the new OS is already in works.

Several reports state that devices running on Apple's unannounced software appeared on the analytics of some websites. Google Analytics is the latest to have recorded devices powered by iOS 9 visiting its websites. Other news publications have also supported the claim. These reports point towards Apple's secretive testing of the new iOS software.

Apple is preparing to roll-out iOS 8.1.3, while the iOS 8.2 is still underway. The latter is regarded as an important one as it carries SDK codes for the much-awaited WatchKit app. The release of iOS 8.2 is likely to bring support for Apple Watch pairing via Bluetooth, according to previously leaked data.

Last month, Apple Insider spotted several visits from devices supposedly being run on iOS 9. It noted week-on-week increase in traffic from such devices as well. But, Forbes has a different theory. "As always Apple does not comment on leaks and it is possible these iOS 9 devices could be fakes designed to fool Google," Forbes' Gordon Kelly said. "That said it would seem a pretty left field way of going about it and Apple would be in big trouble if it didn't have working iOS 9 betas at this stage."

TechCrunch had a detailed report providing evidence that iOS 9-powered devices actually existed. The publication drew its conclusions based on the data obtained from mobile app marketing platform Fiksu, which spotted 145 devices running iOS9. Of all, 92 percent were from the United States, while others came from around different parts of the world like China and the Czech Republic. Most of the devices were believed to be the latest models in the iPhone and iPad portfolio, like iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and others.

But, the iOS 9 release is still a long way. If Apple sticks to its traditional roll-out cycle, we can expect iOS 9 to make its debut at the WWDC even, which will be conducted in June. Currently, there are not many cues to outline what iOS 9 will bring to the table, but rumors suggest Siri's adoption for third-party software, wider use of built-in NFC chip in high-end phones like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and more.