Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus prices dropped in India
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus prices dropped in IndiaApple Inc Press Release

It's been almost a month since Apple released the iOS 9.2 update to its devices. Now, a bug has been reported, particularly affecting the new iPhone 6S series.

Some of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus owners have registered complaints on the Apple forum claiming that their devices are unable to display accurate battery percentage. Therefore, people will not know how much battery life is left in the device.

It has come to light that this issue is affecting only to those travelling long distances (different zones). The new iPhones are not able to automatically update to the new time zone.

Taking cognisance of the issue, Apple has released a statement acknowledging the bug in the iPhone 6S series and the company is working to bring a solution soon.

Until the new stability update comes, the users can try a temporary solution to fix the problem.

Apple iPhone 6S series owners are advised to reboot (restart) the device and do the following.

Go to Settings >> General >> Date & Time and make sure that Set Automatically is turned on. [For more information, click HERE]

"Apple is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause and a solution. If this happens again (after manual setting change) and you didn't change the time or time zone on your device, contact Apple Support (HERE)," said the company.

Apple has released the new iOS 9.3 (beta) to developers with new features, but we are not sure if the firmware fixes the battery percentage bug. There is a possibility that the company might deploy an incremental iOS 9.2.1 to plug the issue.

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Watch this space for more updates.