iOS 6 Photo: Apple

Apple is going full proof by adding as many features as possible in the upcoming iOS 6 operating system. There are 200 features in the beta version of iOS 6, most of them appeared to have been borrowed from the Android operating system.

However, the most interesting weird end addition is the inclusion of cuddly gay and lesbian Emoji couples for texting and emailing. The icons, holding each other's hands, are mixed together with their heterosexual counterparts.

In fact, Emoji which took over the Japanese world, has become an essential part of texting and chatting.

To access the Emoji keyboard, the users have to go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard > Add New Keyboard, and select Emoji in iOS 5. As you continue typing, the globe bar will allow you to switch to the pictograms featuring the icons. However, the users have to wait for iOS 6 to specifically access the gay and lesbian icons.