Apple Decorates Homepage With Beautiful Images Taken Using iPhones; A Trick To Beat Samsung?
Apple Hands iPhone 6 Phones To 77 Photographers To Capture The World At Its BestApple iMore

Apple is now the largest smartphone company in the world, thanks to its record-breaking quarter during Q4 2014, and the company is doing everything to protect its throne. The Cupertino tech giant is also willing to go down a completely new path just to showcase its latest iPhone 6's impressive capabilities. This effort was seen with Apple's newly transformed homepage that features a collection of breathtaking images. Before you start wondering, these shots were taken with just an iPhone 6.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and Apple has a fine demonstration of that. The tech giant launched "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign just to promote its phone's exceptional camera quality. Call it a coincident if you must, but Apple's unique campaign went live on the same day as Samsung Galaxy S6 launch. The Korean tech giant's flagship smartphones are well-received for its 16MP f/1.9 aperture OIS camera.

Apple is shifting its focus from device's design and specs to showcase the new iPhones' capabilities. The tech giant put 77 iPhone 6 smartphones in the capable hands of talented photographers across 70 cities and 24 countries worldwide. Their job is to inspire iPhone users to "pick up their own iPhone, to take photos, and to see what's possible."

"From Sydney to Beijing to San Francisco to New York City to London and more, Apple will feature the iPhone photographers and their work on posters at transit stops and stations and in newspaper ads and on billboards. Not the iPhone 6. Not its camera. Not product shots. But shots taken by the product — by the iPhone 6 camera," Apple writes.

The images are great and inspiring too, but technically we do not have a side-by-side comparison of iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 of the perfectly timed shots. If you are an iPhone user, you too can be a part of the campaign on Twitter with hashtag #iphoneonly or also get tips on getting great shots using your iPhone from iMore. 

Check out Apple's impressive collection of images in its world gallery.