Apple Beats Samsung As The Global Smartphone Leader, Gartner Shows In Numbers
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Major American retail stores - Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy had relatively successful Black Friday sales.

Now, the firms are ready with Cyber Monday sale in US which is set to kick off on 30 November. Some of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart and Target have extended post-Thanksgiving festive sale to an entire week.

Since Apple devices are most expensive gadgets in the market. We have sifted through select prominent e-commerce websites to list out some irresistible deals on iPhones including the latest iPhone 6S series.

Here are the top Cyber Monday sale deals on Apple iPhones available in the market:


The e-retailer company is offering unlocked versions of Apple's 2014 flagship iPhone 6 series with starting price of $499.95, whereas its phablet version 6 Plus can be grabbed for as low as $714.9

As far as the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus series are concerned, they can be bought for $698.25 and $857 respectively. [For more details click, HERE]


Target is offering almost $100 discount on Apple's 2014 flagship iPhone 6 series and the new iPhone 6S series.

The company is offering Apple iPhone 6 in the range of $199.99 to $799.99 depending on the type of purchase- locked (AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless) and unlocked.

iPhone 6S Plus can be purchased for as low as $499.99.

Similarly the older iPhone 6 and 5 series can be bought around $99. Plastic based iPhone 5C can be bought for zero down-payment under two-year contract. [For more details click, HERE]

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The company is offering $100 off on 16GB based iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, thereby reducing the price of the devices to $549 and $649 respectively.

Two generation old iPhone 5S and 5C can also be bought at discounted price of $299 a piece. [For more details click, HERE]

Best Buy:

Best Buy is offering $100 on both iPhone 6S and its phablet sibling iPhone 6S Plus under two-year contract. Both the models (16GB) can be booked for as less as $99.99 and $199.99 respectively. Bwa Buy is also offering $200 gift card to iPhone 5 (or newer iPhone models) owners who are ready part their device in exchange for new iPhone 6s (or iPhone 6S Plus) purchase or under lease and activation by Sprint or Verizon or AT&T . [For more details click, HERE]