Want to backup all your data, including videos, photos and music in iCloud to free up space on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Apple has news for you. Along with launching the new iOS9 software, Apple has also introduced a cheaper iCloud subscription rate for users. While the free 5GB iCloud storage remains constant, the base subscription starts at Rs 65 per month for 50GB.

This is great news for those who heavily rely on Apple's iCloud for storing all their data.

With the new price, Apple has also doubled the storage on iCloud. Previously, users were given 20GB for Rs 60, 100GB for Rs 250 and 1TB for Rs 1,200.

As per the latest change, the base monthly subscription is set at Rs 65 for 50GB, Rs 190 for 200GB and Rs 650 for 1TB cloud storage.

The change in pricing for iCloud subscription is not limited to India, as Apple has set up a dedicated page to reveal the new pricing for different countries in their local currency.

In the US, the 50GB storage comes for $0.99 per month while higher storage options, 200GB and 1TB cost $2.99 and $9.99, respectively. Previously, the US pricing of iCloud storage started at $0.99 for 20GB, $3.99 for 100GB and $19.99 for 1TB.

Existing subscribers of iCloud monthly plans will automatically be upgraded to the latest change. The revision of iCloud rates makes Apple's cloud subscription more competitive compared to rivals such as Dropbox and Google Drive that offer 1TB storage for $9.99.

But Google Drive takes the lead in the initial free cloud space by offering 30GB for work and school and 15GB for individual accounts.

OneDrive follows the lead with 15GB free cloud storage and Apple comes third with its 5GB free space, which is better compared to Dropbox's 2GB offering, The Verge reports.

Let's take a look at the iCloud subscriptions in different countries. It's worth noting that Apple has eliminated the 500GB tier from the latest offering.

United Kingdom

  • 50 GB: £0.79
  • 200 GB: £2.49
  • 1 TB: £6.99


  • 50 GB: ¥6
  • 200 GB: ¥21
  • 1 TB: ¥68


  • 50 GB: 0.99 €
  • 200 GB: 2.99 €
  • 1 TB: 9.99 €


  • 50 GB: 59 p.
  • 200 GB: 149 p.
  • 1 TB: 599 p.

Saudi Arabia

  • 50 GB: SR 3.69
  • 200 GB: SR 10.99
  • 1 TB: SR 36.99


  • 50 GB: $1.29
  • 200 GB: $3.99
  • 1 TB: $12.99