Tech giant Apple has brought back the battery percentage icon, which displays the actual numerical amount of charge, on the status bar in its latest iOS 16 beta.

According to TechCrunch, the battery indicator returned in iOS 16 beta 5, but it still needs to be enabled for anyone running the beta through the Settings menu.

The option to toggle on battery percentage is found in the "battery" corner of the Settings menu, above the Low Power Mode toggle.

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Reportedly, the update is limited to the beta users for now.

The battery percentage indicator made its debut way back in the iPhone 3GS era before disappearing with the advent of the notch on the iPhone X circa iOS 11 back in 2017.

What are the odds?

Apple does not always keep every beta feature in a final release -- particularly if early feedback pushes back on something -- but the odds are high that the battery percentage icon is coming back in late September with the proper release of iOS 16, the report said.

Meanwhile, a recent report said that iOS 16 will let users edit an iMessage for five times and once they reach the limit, the edit option will disappear from the long-press menu.

(With inputs from IANS)