After launch, Apple AirPods could arrive only next year: Rumours
After launch, Apple AirPods could arrive only next year: RumoursApple event screen-grab

Apple AirPods, adored as soon as they were showcased during the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, won't see the light of day till January. The Cupertino giant was earlier expected to start shipping the Bluetooth earbuds this month.

The reason for the delay is yet to be confirmed. Nonetheless, rumour mills are attributing the causes to manufacturing and quality control delays. The development is indicative of the US.

Apple has revealed that the Airpods will be launched in India for Rs 15,400, including the headphone charging case. This is one-quarter of the price of a new iPhone and a long way from the regular earpods, which are priced at Rs 2,500. It all comes down to whether Indians will be comfortable spending so much on a set of wireless earphones.

The premium pricing of the AirPods could be a turn-off even for a section of the elite buyers. This is true considering the fact that high-end wireless headsets and earphones can be procured for prices starting Rs 3,000.

The Airpods have also received mixed reactions over their comfort, design, price and the futuristic technology.