App Store sale

On July 10, 2008, Apple introduced the first App Store called Counterclockwise with only 500 apps, including The New York Times and Travelocity. As it celebrates its first decade this week, Apple has been generous enough to offer premium iOS apps for free and here are some of them:

Anchor Point ($1.99)

Whether you're a traveler, a fisherman, a hunter, or a wanderer, Anchor Point is your tool. It allows you to save location and find your way back whenever you are.

Get the Anchor Point app from the App Store.

Knots 3D ($1.99)

Knots 3D will teach you how to tie even the hardest and most complicated knot. It has more than 125 guides for 125 different knots for you to learn from.

Get the Knots 3D app from the App Store.

Document Scanner Plus ($3.99)

Go digital with your stacks of paper so you can carry them around without a sweat. Document Scanner Plus helps you curate your documents, receipts, and bills safely.

Get the Document Scanner Plus app from the App Store.

Rehearsal Player ($1.99)

Rehearsal Player is a music player for musicians. It plays fragments of a song in a loop.

Get the Rehearsal Player app from the App Store.

Remote Control for Mac ($9.99)

Take full control over your Mac and use your iPhone or iPad as a trackpad. Launch any app on your Mac anywhere at home.

Get the Remote Control app from the App Store.

Stopwatch Plus ($2.99)

Stopwatch Plus is perfect for track and field athletes and sports-oriented people.

Get the Stopwatch Plus app from the App Store.

Monogram Plus ($1.99)

Monogram Plus allows you to customize your watch face with personal complications. Edit six different types of complications using emojis, your name, your initials, a reminder, a note, an image, and more.

Get the Monogram Plus app from the App Store.

Calc Swift ($0.99)

Calc Swift is designed to zip through your daily math in your own style.

Get the Calc Swift app from the App Store.

The Logo Maker ($1.99)

The Logo Maker app allows you to create graphics, logos, video overlays, and watermarks, Facebook and blog images, and more.

Get The Logo Maker app from the App Store.

Don't Call Me ($1.99)

If you want to block unwanted calls from annoying telemarketers, you can do so with Don't Call Me.

Get the Don't Call Me app from the App Store.