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Amidst the chaos surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3's region-lock issue, which is bothering users worldwide, Chainfire has come up with a solution by creating an app that can remove the region-based restrictions on the phone.

The new application, named as RegionLock Away, can bypass the region-lock issue via rooting the device. XDA developers claim to have tested the application on the European version of Galaxy Note 3, model number SM-N9005 (MI7 firmware).

The recent video by the developer shows the European model of Galaxy Note 3, showing a SIM network unlock pin, which is generally shown when a local SIM card from other regions is used in the phone manufactured in a different region. For instance, the SIM unlock pin would be required if an Asian SIM card is used in a European device.

The developer, at first, dismisses the SIM unlock pin option by not inserting any number. And right after the device goes to the home screen, the developer uses the RegionLock Away installed on the phone and chooses the option of rooting the device.

As soon as the option is selected, the device restarts automatically skipping the SIM network unlock PIN section and directly reaching the home screen safely.

The tutorial video can be seen below:

[Video Courtesy: ChainfireXDA/Youtube]

Also, if a user does not want the device to get rooted, he or she can call the regional office and buy an unlock code for $20-$25, according to Android Authority.

RegionLock Away App Details:

-Available on Google Play Store (Click here to download)
-Paid application ($2.7 approx.)
-Size: 40kb
-Compatible with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above

The RegionLock Away App is also understood to be working fine on T-mobile Galaxy Note 3 as one of the reviews on the Google PlayStore application page says "This app also SIM UNLOCKED my T-Mobile Note 3 and I am using it now on AT&T... YES, it really does work as advertised and much more."