Ravichandran's dream project "Apoorva" hit the screens on Friday, May 27. It is probably the next film after his 2002 "Ekangi" on which he has shown so much interest. He has dedicated two years to this flick and the director-actor is said to have locked in the final copy of the movie after editing it 18 times.

Exclusive Movie Stills of "Apoorva"

The actor-filmmaker has introduced a new actress named Apoorva with this movie. The other attraction of the film is that popular names like Kiccha Sudeep, P Ravishankar and Prakash Raj have done voice overs.

The Kannada flick has drawn the audience's attention with its audio and teaser. Moreover, Ravichandran's one-liners, which are seen in the promotional material, have impressed the viewers with their philosophical undertone.

"Apoorva," which is written, directed, produced by Ravichandran himself, apart from scoring music, tells the story of a 19-year-old girl who falls in love with a 61-year-old man. The love blossoms between them after they get locked inside a lift when terrorists attack a mall to capture Home Minister played by Prakash Raj.

While there is violence outside, a beautiful romance is brewing inside the lift, which is the major story of the film.  Kiccha Sudeep will be seen in a cameo in the film. 

Ravichandran's dream project "Apoorva" has opened to negative reviews from the audience.The narration has come under severe criticism. While his hardcore fans are enjoying the quotes and visuals, the general viewers are not happy with the overall content. Here, we bring you their response to the Kannada movie:

Shyam Prasad: Oh My Censor. What happened to Ravichandran. #Apoorva is certified 'U' 139.52 minutes
Apoorva starts after advertisements in Bhojpuri, Bengali and Tamil.
Interval. Apoorva sangama of Ekangi and Kalavida. I refuse to sleep.
Intolerable cruelty on audience. #Apoorva should rank among the worst films of Ravichandran.

Subhash.A: A thousand men effort just drowned by one man show, wanna proof Watch apporva
Doesn't matter even if u have abundance of creativity/flooded with ideas, a lame screenplay can spoil n kill ur reputation. Proof #Apoorva
A thousand men effort just drowned by one man show, wanna proof Watch apporva A sue side attack by #Ravichandran on his screenplay #Apoorva

Priyanka: How often we see a Ravichandran movie getting U certificate? #Apoorva
Interesting so far....#Apoorva.... #Ravichandran at 54 looks as energetic as ever.
#Apoorva...the slow pace is worrying sign for the movie. #Ravichandran.
#Apoorva visuals score story fails :(

Vishwaraj.B.Manur: @deepubangaradka it's about LIFE vs DEATH. never seen a movie before! Visual treat.
@deepubangaradka no comedy, just expression, experience, voices, music but no strong story! Visually it's great #apoorva
One more yekangi for ravimama #Apoorva slow narration n no strong story! But visually masterpiece! Movie review

PÊ€aʋɛɛռ: Ravi mams lifted Sum English Album tunes in #Apoorva Movie is going very slow Audience playing Candy Crush in DRC.
#Apoorva Bcam 1more Boring film like Chinna & Kalavida for Ravi mams Concept is good but not so entertaining..

Pa1: A slide show of Quotations. #Apoorva

Bharath LS: #Apoorva 2 hours 20 min of paid torture!! It's more like a engineering seminar than movie. #Anacin kodro

Razhmi: #Apoorva: Ravichandran's experimental projects runs slow.
#Apoorva: End of first half. Don't want to be judgemental about his dream project.