Aoora changes Instagram bio after Munawar Faruqui calls him 'BB 17' NRI winner
Aoora changes Instagram bio after Munawar Faruqui calls him 'BB 17' NRI winnerInstagram

Last month, stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui won Bigg Boss17. While Abhishek Kumar was the first runner-up Mannara Chopra became the second runner-up on Salman Khan's show.

Mannara who was the only female in the top 3 category, changed her Instagram bio to 'Bigg Boss 17 winner in the female category.' She was massively trolled for the same and later removed it.

Days after winning BB 17, Munawar came on Instagram Live and interacted with his fans. He was seen roasting Mannara Chopra indirectly and joked that Ankita Lokhande was the winner in the 'wife category.' And Aoora is the winner in the NRI category.

Munawar makes fun of Mannara

While interacting with fans during an Instagram live, Munawar poked fun at Mannara without mentioning her name. He joked, "Aoora ko jaante ho sab log? Aoora NRI category mein winner tha. Bas yhi btana tha mujhe. Naved (Sole) jo tha voh runner up tha NRI category mein. Wife category mein Ankita (Lokhande) winner thi, husband category mein Vicky bhai.."

Which translates to..(All of you know Aoora? He was the winner in the NRI category. That's all I wanted to say. Navid Sole was the runner-up in the NRI category. In the wife category, Ankita Lokhande was the winner while Vicky Jain won in the husband category)."

And now it looks like Aoora took it rather seriously and he changed his Instagram bio!

A part of the banner of his Instagram bio reads, "Bigg boss 17 NRI Winner Category.."

He also mentioned the same on his Instagram stories while sharing the particular clip from Munawar's live.

Netizens couldn't keep calm and took to social media and informed Aoora's team that Munawar was joking and mocking Mannara.

South Korean singer Aoora entered 'Bigg Boss 17' as a wild card contestant and was evicted weeks after his entry.

After his win, Munawar went to Dongri in Mumbai and greeted his fans there. Munawar spent hours at Dongri shaking hands with his fans and clicking pictures. He opened the sunroof of his car and showed his trophy to his fans assembled there.

Munawar also took to Instagram to share a picture while posing with the trophy and Bigg Boss 17 host Salman Khan. He wrote, "Bohot bohot shukriya janta. Aapke pyaar aur support ke liye aakhir kar trophy Dongri aa hi gayi (A lot of thanks, people. With your love and support, the trophy finally reached Dongri)."

Did Mannara kiss Munawar?

It so happened that a clip was circulated on social media that shows, Munawar was speaking to Ankita Lokhande when he made a shocking claim and argued that on Diwali night, Mannara kissed him. He gestured to kiss with his hand on his cheeks, implying that Mannara kissed him. Ankita said she did not see it, Munawar told her that he never told to anyone.

Munawar during an interview said, "I got uncomfortable because I have always maintained a line."

Speaking to E-times, Mannara reacted to his kiss allegation and demanded a public apology. "Oh my god! It's a weird statement. There's no footage like this. I don't know in what context he said that, but if he has, he needs to apologise to me publically."