Still from Allure Korea magazine's September magazine featuring singer and actress

South Korean girl group AOA's Seolhyun is grabbing impressing fans with her battle-hardened warrior look from her upcoming movie The Great Battle. While talking about her role in the feature recently, she also revealed the secret behind how she received her name.

As noted by Soompi, Seolhyun recently posed for a pictorial and an interview with Allure magazine's Korea edition, in Istanbul. Here she said, "My grandfather personally named me Seolhyun," and explained, "I was born on a snowy day, so he used the character 'seol,' as in snow. When I was young, I found it stressful that no one ever heard my name correctly the first time, but now I like my name."

Based on the revelations by the singer and actress, the name Seol-hyun perfectly complements her beauty. Her grandfather made the right choice naming her 'seol.' Snow is associated with winter; a time for celebrations and merry-making. The white colour of snow is also considered to be symbolic of purity and perfection. It is also the colour of new beginnings.

Seolhyun is creating a new beginning of sorts by playing a warrior figure in 'The Great Battle,' who will be protecting the ancient Korean Goguryeo kingdom from a Tang dynasty invasion. "Because it's a new [type of] role for me, I'm both nervous and excited about what the public will think of it. I enjoyed filming the movie, and many of the senior actors [in the cast] inspired me. I think the director had a clear vision for 'The Great Battle' in his mind [from the start]," she said.

Even though her character Baek-Ha, the leader of a unit of female soldiers, is a fictional creation for the movie, she'll no doubt be an inspiration for female audiences. Seolhyun was certainly enamoured of her character in 'The Great Battle.' She said, "When I read the script, I found the character of Baek Ha especially appealing." She then added, "I wanted to be more like her. She was like a role model for me."

Seolhyun's pictorial and full interview appears in the September issue of 'Allure' Korea. Her movie, 'The Great Wall' releases on September 19 and stars Jo In-sung and Nam Joo-hyuk among others.

See some stills from her Allure magazine shoot below.


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