IBTimes rating 3.5

First of all, kudos to Anushka Shetty for taking up the challenging role of an obese girl in "Inji Iduppazhagi" ("Size Zero"). 


Anushka steals the show and as her name Sweety (Soundarya), she is so sweet and bubbly, who believes in fortune telling cards and not to forget, totally obsessed with jilebi as you can see how much happiness sweets bring in her life. Even with her chubby looks, she is so adorable.

Finally, Arya has become an independent person in the film without the help of Santhanam (pun intended). He plays the role of an health freak Abhi, who continuosly motivates Sweety in her life.

Urvashi's performance as Sweety's mother Rajeshwari is one of her career best roles. A special mention is required for Master Bharath, who plays Sweety's brother. Her grandfather, Gollapudi Maruti Rao, with whom she maintains a good relationship, is equally commendable. Sonal Chauhan as Simran pleases the audience with her glamorous avatar. Also, Prakash Raj does a good job as the antagonist of the flick. 

The cameo appearances of some of the top stars of the South Indian film industry is a surprise.

Technical aspects

Coming to the technical aspects of the movie, cinematography is appreciable with colourful backgrounds. There were two scenes in which Sweety expresses her feelings towards Adhi, while others are shot in a freeze manner; also, the aerial globe shots - they were excellent. Five songs, including two items songs are appreciable and were matching with the situations of the plot. 

Weak points

Even though the first half is engaging with some comedy moments, the second half goes through some serious situations. The second half could have been improved a little bit. Especially, the 'get fit dont quit' campaign has way too much of cycling. The graphics are not up to the mark. And of course, the climax is predictable. 


We live in a society where girls are obsessed with the concept of size zero and "Inji Iduppazhagi" says size doesn't matter. The film hints that without worrying about size, proper exercise is essential to remain fit rather than depend on fitness centres, where size is "reduced" within a week or so.

Final verdict

Overall, the movie is a watchable flick, but never expect it to create a laugh riot in theatres. But it certainly will make you happy.