Anushka Sharma has often shared strong-worded opinions on her social media. After the brutal gang-rape in Hathras, followed by yet another rape case in Uttar Pradesh's Balrampur, the mom-to-be posted an insightful comment on how society sees having a male child as a 'privilege', a vision she called is 'extremely myopic.'

Her note read, "In our society having a male child is seen as 'privilege'. Of course, it is no more a privilege' than having a girl child but the fact is that this so-called privilege has been viewed incorrectly and with an extremely myopic vision.'

Anushka Sharma

She further mentioned what was important was the responsible and dutiful upbringing of the boy, and not his gender, "The only 'privilege' is that one has the opportunity to raise a boy in a way that he respects a girl. That's your DUTY as a parent to society. So, don't think of it as a PRIVILEGE," the note ended with saying, "The gender of the child doesn't make you privileged but it is actually the responsibility you owe to society to raise a boy so well that women feel safe and protected."

On Thursday, Anushka had shared her shock and disgust on the Balrampur rape incident, "Barely any time has passed and we are hearing of another brutal rape!?! In which world do such monsters think they can do this to a young life," she had posted.