International Tennis champion Sania Mirza appeared on the 11thepisode of Anupam Kher's popular TV show "Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai" (KBHSK). Her episode was inspirational, say the audiences.

In the interview with the show host, Anupam Kher, Sania Mirza spoke about her journey - her career and life. Talking about her childhood memories, she said that she was 6-year-old, when she began tennis training and she used to practice on courts made of cow dung.

Saina Morza said that she beat a 15-year-old in under 16's finals, when she was just 8. She remembered her parents support in reaching the peaks that she is today at. She shared her love story of how she met her husband Shoaib Malik. She also spoke about her favourite Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.

The 11th episode of "Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai" was aired on Colors TV between 7.00 pm and on Sunday. Many viewers took to their Twitter pages to share their views on the episode. As per their comments, they are impressed with it. Most of them have one word about Sania Mirza's episde and that is the show was inspirational.

We bring you some unique comments on the 11th episode of Anupam Kher's popular TV show "Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai" (KBHSK). Here is the audiences' review of Sania Mirza's episode.

Jasmine ‏@TheJasmineland

@ColorsTV @MirzaSania @AnupamPkher It was soo inspirin for all girls whom wants to pursue there career in sports loved it to the core

Jaya Ranjan ‏@JayaRjs

@ap_mum @ColorsTV @MirzaSania @AnupamPkher this is the most inspiring episode. She really made every Indian proud.

Riddhi Thakkar ‏@Riddhi_thakkar2

Watching The Anupam Kher Show ❤️ @AnupamPkher I am totally in love with this show!! It is like a Sunday dose of inspiration @ap_mum

DrMadhuTeckchandani ‏@msteckchandani

@AnupamPkher show with @MirzaSania Outstanding, Aura of fun frolic n Hyderabadi Biryani flavour kudos to wonderful Inputs #Respect

Gaurav Dharmwani ‏@gaurav8879

There can't b apt timing to telecast @MirzaSania interview on @AnupamPkher show after she won the 8th title. #KuchBhiHoSaktaHai

करुणा निधान ‏@K_NIDHAN

Your Ques @AnupamPkher and @MirzaSania 's answers are really worth making a note of. " Lol - lots of learning " Inspiring !!!!! ;)

RJ Priyanka ‏@RJPriyankasoni

Watching @AnupamPkher show N I do believe life me kuch bhi ho Sakta hai N @MirzaSania life experience is so inspiration for all grls. Superb

Stuti mohata ‏@mohata_8

@AnupamPkher Sir, It's rather inspiring to hear you talk! Looking forward to watching ' Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai ' on the 17th in Delhi!

Divya Pal ‏@divyapal2013

.@AnupamPkher 2 words to describe the interview with @MirzaSania: Inspiring and Enriching. #KuchBhiHoSaktaHai

Pankaj ‏@PanksSays

Watched @MirzaSania with @AnupamPkher on Tv... truly inspirational journey of hard work. Not so much luck as hard work!

Geet ‏@geetrajeevyam

She is suffering from Arthritis n playing so well KUDOS sach me in Kuch b ho sakta hai. So inspiring #PROUD @AnupamPkher

Avinash k jha ‏@iavinashkjha

@AnupamPkher show with @MirzaSania was outstanding. These kind of show gives us inspiration. #TheAnupamKherShow #HardWork is necessary @AnupamPkher you have to sacrifice your past to cherish your future. @MirzaSania 's success is just an example. #TheAnupamKherShow #HatsOff

Shaandaar Ritu! ‏@Ritumodi_30

It's an experience watching you @AnupamPkher #TheAnupamKherShow @MirzaSania Every love story has it's own sunshine. You are a true star.

Nivin Joseph ‏@NJS_60

A deep sport personality I admire... Thanks @AnupamPkher sir 4gttng @MirzaSania to the show #KucchBhiHoSaktaHai It's niz 2 here her exper

Mukesh Patel ‏@mukesh8822

@MirzaSania @AnupamPkher Journey of a girl - From: No Role Model to Follow, To: Become the Only Role Model in India!! #KuchBhiHoSaktaHai

Spaces btwn us ‏@shweta82112

#KuchBhiHoSaktaHai with @MirzaSania with @AnupamPkher again an amazing episode.Good to know about lots of #SaniyaMirza a great tennis player

Nidhi Kapoor ‏@nidhionline

Now watching @MirzaSania with @AnupamPkher on #kuchbhihosaktahai truly inspirational journey of hard work. Not so much luck as hard work!

Pranav Gautam ‏@gautampranav

@AnupamPkher With every passing show u are redefining motivation and life in ur own way.RIGHT show at the Right time.Say no to short cuts.