Rekha is one such superstar who has not only made news because of her superhot movies but has also been in headlines for because of her link-ups. She had some steamy affairs with leading actors of her time such as Vinod Mehra, Raj Babbar, and of course, who can forget the iconic Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha love story.

Though life gave her several chances to fall in love, she never had the opportunity to enjoy marital life. Her marriages failed back to back and Rekha was left all alone.


From being called a witch hunter, to a homewrecker, Rekha has been defamed by many. Not only the families of her lovers and her husband Mukesh Agarwal but the industry also bitched about her, behind Rekha's back. Director Subhash Ghai went on to call her blot on the face of the film industry while reportedly, Anupam Kher called her 'National Vamp'.

Rekha has become a 'National Vamp'

After the death of her business tycoon husband Mukesh Agarwal, Rekha faced a backlash from the society. From family to her film fraternity friends, all turned against her. As per her biography, Rekha: The Untold Story — by author Yasser Usman, Rekha's co-star Anupam Kher also went behind her back and badmouthed the actress.

rekha and anupam kher

He said, "She has become the national vamp. Professionally and personally ... I don't know how will I react if I come face to face with her."

Author of the book Yasser added Kher's vamp comment in his book, which was taken from an interview of the actor in Stardust magazine (issue November, 1990). "He (Kher) wasn't the only one, many from the industry had said very insensitive things about her (Rekha). This was the time when she was going through a personal crisis, but her own colleagues didn't sympathise with her," says the author.

Anupam Kher rubbishes his 'vamp' comment

anupam kher and rekha

In 2016, Anupam Kher took his Twitter to clarify that he has never said anything like this about Rekha. "Apparently, in the book about Rekha Ji, some lines are attributed to me. It is all rubbish and not my language. I have the greatest regard for her," said the Accidental Prime Minister actor.

anupam kher tweet about rekha

Rekha and Anupam Kher have worked together in many movies such as Laadai, Insaaf Ki Awaaz, Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai and many more. They were last seen together in Super Nani, released in 2014.