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The upcoming instalment in Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Ant-Man" is set for world premiere in Los Angeles on 29 June and subsequent release in 17 July. The superhero film starring Paul Rudd as the titular "Ant-Man" (human name: Scott Lang), is based on the comic book hero of the same name, and therefore many fans already know about the powers possessed by him.

However, in a recent interview, Michael Douglas, who plays Scott's mentor Dr Hank Pym may have accidentally slipped what Ant-Man's weakness is. After confirming that Hank was once Ant-Man himself, Douglas added that he recruited Scott to be his protégée.

Turns out, one can only shrink oneself so many times and that number was already crossed, or is near approaching, in Hank's case.

"Hank Pym, you know, he can only get small so many times... So Hank has gotten small too many times, you know... So now, he is passing it on to a perfect, perfect protégée," says Douglas.

And Rudd jovially adds, "I still have a lot of.. lot of opportunities to get small...before I OS".

However, this new information poses a serious problem to the man behind the superhero mask. As a fan points out, "in the Lego set for the final battle against Yellowjacket, it had Ant-Man, Yellowjacket and another guy in an Ant-Man suit and he was listed as Hank Pym. So we might see Pym force himself to become Ant-Man again question is will he live or die because the way this info put it if he does shrink again he could get seriously hurt."

Could Hank Pym's Ant-Man be explored in a prequel movie soon? Or will Marvel merely mention his adventures as an anecdote in the July release? Fans will have to wait till July.