The miniscule Marvel superhero "Ant-Man" had brought in huge numbers after his stand-alone movie release in August, and now we know that he is an integral part of the Avengers, fighting with and against them in the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War". However, will we get a sequel for "Ant-Man" anytime soon?

In many of his interviews, Kevin Feige revealed that the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't as mapped out as we assume it to be. "We never sit down and go, How can we link this movie to this movie, or this show to this movie? We sit down and go, What the hell is Iron Man going to do today? How are we going to explore these characters?'" he said in an interview with Cinema Blend some time back, adding that Evans' presence in "Thor: The Dark World" was as organic as it could have been.

"Let's have Loki screw around with Thor a little bit. He's a shapeshifter, what if he turns into Captain America? Chris [Evans], will you come in?' That's how a lot of this stuff happens.." Feige said. So truly speaking, the only thing we know for sure is that "Civil War" will be pitting Team Iron Man and Team Captain American against each other on 6, May, 2016.

With the rush of movies planned in the MCU for the coming years, including "Black Panther", "Doctor Strange" and yet another "Spider-Man" reboot, does the studio really have time to accommodate another Ant-Man movie?

Also keep in mind that "Thor: Ragnarok" cannot be avoided for phase three, because we need to give the God of Thunder a closure that he deserves. The platform for "Infinity War" part I and II of "Avengers" has been set in the mid-season credits of "Avengers: Age of Ultron", meaning they will take place.

With the fate of these sequels already decided, it is the story of the minor (no pun intended) superhero Ant-Man that remains uncertain. This lack of time is also the very reason why it is unlikely for original superheroes like Hawkweye and Black Widow to get stand-alone movies in the MCU.

However, it is quite relieving, to know that the studio has shows interest in making "Ant-Man 2", and we can be happy that we will get to the miniature hero in other MCU films from phase three.