In yet another instance of babies and toddlers dying while attempting to reach Europe on rubber dinghies, a one-year-old baby was found dead off the coast of Greece after the boat carrying around 57 migrants broke down. 

The boy was found on the rubber boat that had broken down off the island of Lesbos, according to Reuters. 

The other migrants were rescued by the Greek coastguard. 

It is not clear if the boy was Syrian or from another war-torn nation such as Iraq or Afghanistan. 

The refugee crisis has seen nearly four lakh refugees reaching Greece, the closest destination in Europe from Turkey, as the Syrian war, the Isis menace in Iraq and Syria and the Taliban terror in Afghanistan continue to spiral. 

The world was left shocked after photos of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying lifeless after being washed ashore a Turkish beach came out last month. 

Days after Kurdi's body was found, 15 more infants and children reportedly drowned after their boats sank off the Greek coast while they were attempting to reach Europe.

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