Vijay Antony in Anna Durai
Vijay Antony in Anna Durai.PR Handout

Vijay Antony has teamed up with G Srinivasan for his latest movie Annadurai. The Tamil movie, which has been dubbed in Telugu as Indrasena, has Diana Champakika and Jewel Mary as the female leads. Radha Ravi, Kaali Venkat and others are in the cast.

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The lead actior has composed the songs for the film as well, and the track about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime has stood out in the album. The music director-turned-actor has also become a full-time editor with Annadurai, while Dilliraj has handled the cinematography department.


Vijay Antony enacts the role of identical twins — Annadurai and Thambidurai. The story revolves around the bond the duo shares, with a strong maternal sentiment as the backdrop.

Annadurai is the older of the two and is in the textile industry, while the younger one is a physical trainer. Jewel Mary pairs up with the older sibling, whereas debutant Diana Champakika romances the character Thambidurai in the film.

The bilingual film tries to depict the familial values and relationships. It is largely about the sacrifices Annadurai makes for Thambidurai. Some of the emotional scenes are inspired by life experiences of the director.


One look at the filmography of Vijay Antony tells the complete story – run-of-the-mill subjects do not attract this man. He likes to comes up with interesting subjects laced with commercial ingredients.

Hence, it is not surprising to see the curiosity of the viewers around his latest venture.

Can Annadurai be another feather in his cap? See what the viewers have to say:

Sreedhar Pillai: #Annadurai 2.5/5. The old formula popular in the 80's & 90's with melodrama thrown and loud villains has been reworked to give @vijayantony the mass hero image in B & C markets. 2nd half is sluggish & slackens the pace.
#Annadurai 2.5/5. @vijayantony in a dual role in a template mass movie that has its moments. Necessary Family sentiments has been laced into the story with a terrific interval transformation scene.

Sathish Kumar M: #Annadurai Usual Tamil Cinema's identical twins story with lots of sentiment scenes. People like Vijay Anthony movies as he used to select unique scripts. Hopefully, he will give more importance to scripts again.
#Annadurai Usual Tamil Cinema's identical twins story with lots of sentiment scenes. People like Vijay Anthony...

Murugaperumal V: A well packed family sentiment entertaining movie #Annadurai @vijayantony in dual role with an well improved performance.

Naveen Chandran‏: #Annadurai Review: An decent Family drama that scores in it's Emotional portions and lags in it's slow screenplay..#Vijayantony Dual role.. #Annadurai chara. Pakka shaped Movie is sbtle fa Family and ladies..But it doesn't satiesfies Other audience.. may works in B and C class..

Ramesh Bala: 

#Annadurai [3/5] : A story abt identical twins.. An emotional entertainer with sentiments.. @vijayantony excels in dual roles.. As brothers with contrasting personalities..

Songs & action seqs are good.. Dir #GSrinivasan has done decent scrnplay.. A sentimental entertainer

#Annadurai 1st Half: An emotional thriling ride so far.. @vijayantony in contrasting dual roles - Realistic small town set up.. With an interesting twist at the interval block..

Kaushik LM: #Annadurai 2nd half - There is some action but the melodrama & sentiments dominate till the very end. As the title says, the 'Annadurai' character holds the show. Emotional finale! It's made for ppl who like sentimental family dramas. @vijayantony @mrsvijayantony
#Annadurai 1st half - Has an interesting, attention-grabbing surprise element at the interval block!
The film is catered to the mass family audience & ladies with a package of drama, romance, sentiments. @vijayantony plays identical twins

Ajay Srinivasan: #Annadurai is a family entertainer that revolves around two twins- Annadurai (textile business manager) & Thambidurai (a physical trainer) who make several sacrifices for their family and their brother bonding will be a highlight.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Annadurai - a clean family drama powered by strong sentiments and familial bonding. @vijayantony steals the show in dual roles.
Halfway through #Annadurai. Works well as a family-friendly drama with well-written strong emotional moments. @vijayantony shines in dual roles. Good interval twist is a nice surprise.

Sujith‏: #Annadurai first half goes no boring. Charac swap is interesting. Second half gotta b very good.

Arra‏: #Annadurai : Avg 1st half ....Interval block is the only best thing so far. #Annadurai : Avg 'Outdated' film...Disappointed !!!..@vijayantony Pls don't select these medicore films hereafter !!

Hari: #Annadurai slow, steady builds the steam... @vijayantony turns to experiment with a subtle role. ... Have to see how it pans out. #Annadurai just like Vijay Antony's lazy uninterested looks, the film too is dead slow without spice... Few family sentiments might work.. waiting to see how the double action sequences pan out after interval Interval block... Average maybe, lacks Vijay Antony's variety in script selection

Karthikeyan Vfc: Waching 2 #Annadurai film @vijayantony sir pakka different acting movie vera leval & sentiment . 1st off slow 2ndoff vera leval My review5/3