Anna Hazare
Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare gestures during a news conference in New Delhi.Reuters

Anna Hazare has announced that he will go on a fast-unto death protest from Sunday along with his supporters at Jantar Mantar, despite doctor's advice not to fast considering his health.

Team Anna core committee member Arvind Kejriwal launched an indefinite fast on July 25, demanding the introduction of a strong Lokpal and independent investigation against 15 UPA cabinet ministers, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pranab Mukherjee for their alleged involvement in graft.

Team Anna's protest this time has recorded a poor support from public. People are not showing up in large numbers unlike his earlier protests.

Unfazed by the lukewarm public response, Anna said that he will continue to fight for the country despite the deteriorating support for his protests.

"When I have decided to work for the nation, then why should I be afraid of dwindling  numbers? To fight for the country, 'Ekla Chalo Re' (Go it alone)," the 75-year-old Gandhian was quoted by NDTV as saying.

"I am fine with fewer people at the agitation. I will be happy if even five people turn up. Crowds alone do not make a movement," he added.

Anna is of the opinion that the country's future is not safe in the hands of the Congress or the BJP. He said that he would be stepping into active politics, supporting the people's candidates. However, he confirmed that he won't be contesting elections.

Days before launching the fast, Team Anna announced that it won't back out the protest on mere assurances - that it's going to be a 'do or die' scenario.

"We will start a fight to finish. This time around we are not going to give up our fast just on assurances. We will continue our fight until our demands are met," Kejriwal said.