Ankur Raghav

The meme page Naughty World needs no introduction, right? If you don't know what it is, you might be living in a shell. The page is being talked about all around with a whopping 10 million followers on Instagram. It's not just a regular meme page but a sensation that has got people addicted to its content. Widening the scope of content creation, the page's YouTube presence has also gathered an audience of more than 4.15 lakhs by now. This meme page is all about creating content that gives people a break from their monotonous life and provide them with a chance to laugh through it all.

The founder of the page, Ankur Raghav talks about how he understood in the initial days itself, the power of social media and what impact it can have on people from all stratas of life. He wanted to make it worth their while. He says that people want something unique and something entertaining all the time. His aim of starting Naughty World was never to create viral content but just to make people enjoy life with the elements of fun and excitement. He says that the struggles continue but what keeps us going is the positivity we spread around and live in. To use social media as a platform to make people enjoy a burst of laughter is not a new idea but getting it right and standing apart from the crowd is what makes the page unique. He owes the success of his page to the lovely followers and his team cum family who supported him throughout.

Ankur is a young man with a strong vision to take his small endeavour even further and make it a name common to every Indian. Therefore, starting a YouTube channel is his next big step. Acing up a platform like Instagram taught him how the social media scenario works and the kind of content people crave. Hence, his YouTube channel is a much more refined version of the same where he also helps other young creators and Influencers to come and be a part of the content he creates.

One thing assured is that the page will keep the audience laughing with its witty and quirky content.