One of the widely viewed forms of art right now is anime. It has taken over the western and the eastern side of the world with its detailed animations, unique storylines, and captivating characters. Originating from Japan, anime used to have a very limited audience when it came into being but with time, it has grown into something colossal with a huge audience.

The problem is that the experience of enjoying quality content for anime viewers doesn't come very easily. It has turned into quite an issue since as of now the access to anime streaming is getting less and less as each day passes. A huge example of this is KissAnime getting taken down recently by the authorities.

With KissAnime down, anime viewers were worried about having another properly functioning site for streaming. This issue was solved when AnimeSprout came into being. It has quickly turned into a favorite for a huge audience because of the multiple perks provided. It has been going around that AnimeSprout might be the new KissAnime. Before going on into the details, here's a detailed look into what KissAnime is.

The Downfall Of KissAnime

KissAnime was an illegal anime streaming platform that was registered in the year 2012. With 8 years' worth of experience under their belt, KissAnime was the most famous website for streaming. Since it was operating illegally, over the years there had been a lot of complaints by licensors, and Japanese studios to shut the website down. The reason was that the production companies and the authorities involved in the making of anime believed that a lot of their profit was getting snatched out of their hands because of these illegal websites.

With online piracy being a major issue all around the world right now, there have been various small setbacks for the team of KissAnime as they kept getting the threats of getting shut down. These threats weren't just verbal attacks by the licensors but included legal actions as well. There was a subpoena related to online piracy issued in 2017 in the US. While, in the year 2018, KissAnime was permanently shut down in Australia.

Fast-forwarding to June 2020, Japan once again started chasing the illegal sites as the parliament enacted the revised copyright law. This meant the end for KissAnime and KissManga (Manga being the comics in the form of anime).

The Need For Streaming Sites

Streaming platforms have turned into an absolute need for anime viewers out of Japan. This is because a huge number of anime series and movies are not available for people in other countries. Imagine how annoying it is when you can't get access to Spotify because of where you live? The whole dilemma of getting VPNs and anti-block software can be tiring. KissAnime was the savior for people at such times as it made streaming easier. One would be able to watch anime online without any struggle, even the ones that were not available in their region.

Now AnimeSprout as the next best alternative is there to help the anime lovers in their streaming problems.

Battling Online Piracy with Streaming Sites

Since a lot of anime is limited to a certain audience, the only way out right now is to use streaming websites. But, there is a catch. These streaming platforms are either operating illegally which means loss of security or they might ask you to subscribe to their services. What this means is that you will be asked to pay a certain amount each month to get access to the site legally.

Even though Kissanime didn't ask it's users to register, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies.

Various annoying ads keep popping up on the side of the screen as viewers browse. These ads were also severely inappropriate at times making the site unsafe for a younger audience. So even if you could get access to the site for free, there would be a price you might have to pay. Either in terms of constant inappropriate ads or the risk of being in the gray area since the site was functioning illegally.

This is not where all the issues with KissAnime are. Another huge downside to using this site was the issue of malware. A lot of the ads displayed contained malware which meant damage to your device.

So, even when the idea of a huge collection of anime fascinated viewers, the threat of malware demotivated a bunch as well.

AnimeSprout, The New KissAnime?

With KissAnime down, there has been a sudden rise in the search for a good streaming site. This is where AnimeSprout came in. With an easy browsing experience, fewer ads, and free viewing, this site has already become a favorite for a lot of viewers.

A new competitor in the field, AnimeSprout initially came into being in 2020 but has quickly taken over the spot of various streaming platforms and has secured a spot in one of the highly viewed streaming websites. First and foremost, the most favorable thing about AnimeSprout is that it is operating legally so you won't have to worry about copyright issues.

With that issue off the table, the creators of AnimeSprout have put in a lot of effort and consideration into the demands of the viewers and have created a safe and foolproof environment for them.

The website gaining a huge amount of attention in very little time is proof that it does work wonders when it comes to providing a safe viewing experience. After using the website thoroughly, the following is a detailed list of why AnimeSprout has the potential to replace KissAnime and secure the spot as the most famous streaming platform in the world.

The site doesn't make it compulsory for the views to register and one can watch the anime and get access to it for free. If the viewers want to have a separate account on the site for themselves, they can register but it is not mandatory.

With all other anime streaming websites, the biggest problem is that of the ads. There are hundreds and hundreds of complaints of viewers regarding ads. With ads popping up on the sidebar, and in between the series/movie, it can get very irritating. As mentioned above, ads also come with the risk of malware. AnimeSprout has made this easier as well. The site promises fewer ads as compared to other sites and makes the viewing experience smoother.

Another major issue is that of buffering. A lot of times even with good internet watching anime online can be annoying because of the repeated buffering. This buffering can take ages. AnimeSprout, once again, comes to aid with no buffering for the viewers. With fast speed downloading, this site is perfect if you don't have the time to wait for the pages to buffer all day long.

High-quality streaming is also an essential element that a lot of viewers look for in their streaming sessions. One way or another the quality gets compromised if one isn't paying for it. A few sites that do offer good quality streaming come with the annoyance of a ton of ads. This is where AnimeSprout has an upper hand on other streaming sites.

The Best KissAnime Alternative

With the above-mentioned perks, it is clear that AnimeSprout currently has the upper hand in the streaming platforms. With no buffering, easy access, high-quality streaming, and no sign up required, this site has triumphed all the others in a very short period and has the potential to turn into the next KissAnime for the anime lovers.