In another case of violence against animal feeders, a 23-year-old woman from Mumbai was brutally assaulted on Friday by her neighbours for feeding stray animals. Simrin Shukla, a resident of Bhuleshwar in South Mumbai, was attacked with knives and blades and received over 30 stitches on her left arm due to her injuries. A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against the attackers.

The horrific incident occurred in Sikka Nagar in the CP Tank Road locality. Three individuals, identified as members of the neighbouring Mishra family, also attacked Simrin's 14-year-old brother. A patrol van was dispatched after the police were notified about the incident. The visuals of a profusely bleeding Simrin were shared on social media, with netizens reacting strongly and demanding strict action.

A counter FIR has been filed against Simrin by the neighbours alleging an attack against them by unknown individuals on behalf of the Shukla family. "I was attacked badly by the Mishras for which I suffered stitches on my arm. We have been harassed for long over feeding of cats. The counter FIR is wrong as we are not involved in any way in beating the Mishra family," Simrin told a news outlet.

Assaulted for Feeding the Voiceless

Members of the Just Smile Charitable Trust, an NGO in South Mumbai, rushed Simrin to JJ Hospital upon learning of the incident. They also accompanied her to the VP Nagar police station the following morning to file an FIR against the attackers. According to the Free Press Journal, the assailants were identified as Rajkumar Mishra, Ritika Mishra and Rajesh Mishra.

Sneha Visaria, an animal activist from Just Smile Charitable, told TOI: "It was shocking to see Simrin bleeding from her arm and leg due to the assault by Rajkumar Mishra (40) and his two family members. While the Mishra family has filed a counter complaint that some men attacked them, alleging that the feeder was behind this, it is not clear as to who these men were who assaulted the Mishras on Friday night."

Younger Brother Not Spared

Feeder Attacked
Simrin and members of Just Smile Charistable Trust after filing the FIRFacebook/ @Just Smile Charitable Trust

According to Visaria, four days prior to the attack on Simrtin, her 14-year-old brother was assaulted for feeding stray animals by the same neighbours. However, the police had lodged only a non-cognisable complaint (NC) at the time.

She added: "On Friday evening, some men barged in the chawl and hit the Mishras. At the time, Simrin was returning home after feeding cats; the Mishra family assaulted her. They used to pass comments that their door was getting dirty as Simrin and her brother were passing by, and make snide comments." Visaria also asserted that Simrin was not involved in organizing an attack against the Mishras, as they alleged.

Kishorkumar Shinde, Senior inspector, VP Road Police station, said, "Cross-complaints of assault between the feeder and her neighbours have been registered." Shinde stated that no arrests have been made yet. An investigation is underway.