Sonakshi Sinha, Ranveer Singh
Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh in LooteraLootera/Facebook

Ranveer Singh recently revealed that he annoyed "Dabanng" star Sonakshi Sinha so much so that she stormed out of the sets of the upcoming film "Lootera".

The "Band Bajaa Barat" actor said that during the film's dialogue delivery he accidentally spat on Sonakshi's face and continued spitting each time, failing to comply with the her repeated warnings which finally led the actress to dash off the sets.

"There is a scene where I hold Sonakshi tightly and yell 'You called the police?' I was in the skin of the character at that time and so the intensity was such that spit came out each time I said the dialogue," Ranveer told Press Trust of India.

"She got so angry with me that she stormed out of the sets of the film. It has never happened to me before."

He added that it was proved to be a hard task to pacify Sonakshi and required much coaxing to get her back to the shoot.

Ranveer, further speaking of his character in the Vikram Aditya directed film, added, "He (the character) is not flamboyant at all which is why I selected this character as I didn't want to get restricted to acting roles that were loud. I didn't want to get slotted. I wanted to show my versatility and vary my repertoire as a performer."

"Lootera" set in the 1950s rural Bengal is said to be loosely based on O'Henry's short story "The Last Leaf".

For the film, Sonakshi will be seen sporting her trademark nose accesory to enhance the traditional look of her character. She believes the nose stud is quintessential for most Indian women.

"I have worn a nose ornament right from my first film and keep altering from a nose ring to a stud. In Lootera, I have used a very traditional Bengali-looking nose stud in the shape of a flower. It's a hassle-free accessory and is also the mark of an Indian woman," Sonakshi told Times of India.