Former Pakistan minister Rehman Malik thrown out of Pakistan International Airlines flight for two hour delay
Former Pakistan minister Rehman Malik refused to board PIA flight after two hour delayReuters

Heralding a welcome change of standing up for the common man, a bunch of angry passengers travelling in the Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-370 to Islamabad stopped former minister Rehman Malik from boarding the plane at the Karachi airport on Monday. Malik's delay in boarding the flight, had apparently forced the staff to lie to the 220 passengers aboard that the take-off was put off due to "technical difficulties". 

However, one passenger forced the truth out of the PIA staff and together with a few miffed commuters, he refused to let Rehman Malik and his

However, one passenger forced the truth out of the PIA staff and together with a few miffed commuters, he refused to let Rehman Malik and his entourage from boarding the PIA flight.

from boarding the PIA flight. 

A viral video, captured on the mobile phone of one of the passengers, which was first posted on Daily Motion and then reposted on YouTube (YouTube is banned in Pakistan), shows the man confirming with the PIA staff if the delay in take-off was indeed because of Rehman Malik. The angry passengers raised their voice and demanded that the door be closed immediately but the staff sheepishly made excuses.

One of the passengers in the flight told the staff to ask Malik to take a bus instead of the flight, while some other in the background complained about their work suffering due to one man. "I tell you what, when Rehman Malik comes here, I will tell him to get over to the microphone and apologise," the man behind the phone camera can be heard saying as the impatient crowd angrily waited for Malik to turn up.

"Crap! How long will we put up with this non-sense in this country? How long?" he asked, before adding "Inko main grill karta hun abhi, don't you worry". When the PIA staff tried to pacify them, the angry passengers asked "We have taken it for 68 years. Are we going to take it for another 68 years?" referring to the VIP culture in Pakistan.

Finally, the man of the hour –or rather, couple of hours -- walked in and an irate passenger told him, "Sorry Malik saab, sorry, you go back". Another passenger shouted, "You should apologise. You should be ashamed of yourself... Rehman Malik sa'ab 220 passengers were delayed because of you!"

When Malik tried to retaliate, the passenger said, "it is his fault, sir.. I am sorry! Malik sa'ab, you're not a minister anymore. And even if you are a minister, we don't care anymore... You people have to become humans. Aap zameen pe utrein".

After chasing the minister and his travel accomplice PML-N leader Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, the passengers asked the PIA staff to close the door and prepare for take-off, before stating, "This should be recorded, Rehman Malik has been off-loaded!"

The incident received much attention especially in the cyber world, with people across the world appreciating Pakistan for standing up to the so-called VIPs.

YouTuber Asma Siddiq posted, "OMG!!!! OMG!!!! what an insult...what a humiliation...International flight per itni baizti...he should better know now they are no more ruling Donkeys and Sheep's...Such Frustration coming from civilians shows you people need to pack your bags and Leave else WE PAKISTANIS WILL RIP YOUR MEAT FROM YOUR BONES OFF!!!!!"

Sidhharth Raghavan commented on the video, "Brilliant! I respect people from Pakistan to have the courage to stand up to such injustice! :D Hope everything will be fine"

The video inspired Waqar Ishfaq to dream of a sustained brotherhood in the future of Pakistan, "The sleeping giant has finally woken up... I pray that one day very soon my Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Christian brothers will all stand side by side in a new Pakistan. A peaceful prosperous Pakistan which will finally live up to it's expectations! "

Meanwhile, Rehman Malik took to Twitter on 15 September to defend himself with the post, "I hv right to defend myself agst the allegation.PK370 /1900hr was delayed b/c tech reasons/was expected to leave at 2030. So no delay for me".

He then expressed confusion in being linked with PML-N minister and said that he chose not to enter the flight with the minister because one PTI worker was yelling and put the blame of delaying the flight on the Paskistan International Airlines.

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