Rovio Entertainment Ltd. has released Angry Birds 2 and it reportedly received 1 million downloads in just 12 hours into its release. The new game comes free but there are in-app purchases to do if gamers want to enhance the gaming experience. But like many mobile phone and computer games, Angry Birds 2 cheats too.

Here is complete information on Angry Birds 2 cheats, tips and tricks that will help gamers play more games, score more points and crack difficult levels without in-app purchase.

Angry Birds 2 cheats for free lives:

What do you do when failed to complete a game and have to wait for half an hour to play again? Some will purchase lives, while others will pay with gems. However, there is a way to get more lives and that is by your clock ahead.

Close Angry Birds 2 then go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Uncheck Set Automatically -> Set time ahead by a few hours. You will get more lives when you go back to Angry Birds 2. Make sure that you go to time Settings and CHECK Set Automatically to make sure that you don't miss out appointments.

Get Free Angry Birds 2 Gems and Items:

Make sure that you unlock daily free items and upgrades instead of paying for them. Gamers can also get rewards by watching a video, and these rewards can help complete hard levels.

One can also get free items by completing quests. They are tasks one has to finish but it can be done faster. Pull out the Angry Birds 2 daily quests by tapping the small menu option on the map, and there tasks and rewards will be highlighted.

Tips to Beat Levels:

One can also get tips of a level by keep flinging birds at pigs after a long shot. Choose bird you fire by tapping the lower left corner and activate special abilities to beat the levels with a second tap. Switch up the order in case you find difficult to beat a level.

Wait for at least two seconds between shots, as tools that will help beat the level may fall. If you have pulled the slingshot, you can still cancel it and switch to another bird by slowly moving back to the slingshot.

Each bird in Angry Birds 2 has special skill and one can activate it with a second tap. You will learn the skills when you unlock the birds.

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