angrezi medium girls


In Hindi Medium, the makers shattered the elitist idea of sending their children to 'top English Medium educational institutions', hoping that it would build a bright future for them. In India, the ability to speak English fluently has become the parameter that determines whether or not a person is educated enough to fit in the elitist clubs. Writers Sonu Sinha, Saket Chaudhary, Amitosh Nagpal, Zeenat Lakhani, reflected the absurd nature practised by us, which is one of the reasons why Hindi Medium became a huge hit. 

Post the success of Hindi Medium, Angrezi Medium followed which explored more than one aspect.  In most Indian families, leaving the country to go abroad for further studies is considered to be an achievement. The untold story includes scholarships which barely cover anything, education loans which takes years to be repaid, and the silent anxious parents, who are torn between fulfilling their children's dreams while trying to live their regular lives. 

Tarika Bansal (Radhika Madan), from Angrezi Medium, was just another average student who went out of her way, to be a better student. She had to face the wrath of unsupportive teachers in her school who perpetually reminded her that she has no scope to study in a London based university. Instead of breaking down, Taru used that force to rebuild herself to be better than before.  

On reaching London, when she got herself a part-time job to support her education, Champak (Irrfan) got highly disappointed at his daughter's newfound spirit of independence. But did she deserve the condescending behaviour which followed later?  

In an era, where women are fighting for basic rights, somehow Tarika and Naina Kohli's (Kareena Kapoor Khan) decision to be fiercely independent was looked down upon by the parents. It's vital to remember that Tarika chose not to exploit her father (who was living under limited income) to fulfil her dreams of studying in a college in London. Tarika chose to be a responsible, independent adult while watching her friends do the same. Meanwhile, not even for a moment did she suggest that she would stop keeping in touch with her father.  

Finally, when Tarika learnt where the money came from, she chose to give up her wishes of completing her studies in London, stating that degrees from fancy universities do not make a person cool. 

Naina Kohli, who was was a concerned child, was told in a softly patronising manner that the idea of children becoming independent is nice, but it's also her duty to check on her mother too. Naina didn't need to hear that because, even amidst a hectic job, and strained relationship with her mother, she cared to keep her ego aside and pay her a visit. She cared to check up on her when she thought that Champak was breaking and entering her mother's residence. 

This was a sub-plot which wasn't necessary for an otherwise progressive film.