Anglr Tracker: New IoT technology promises to make fishing more fun
Anglr Tracker: New IoT technology promises to make fishing more (official) website screen-shot

Though fishing is considered a leisure activity, it's really an arduous task to catch a fish. It requires us to get up very early in the morning, so that we will be able to get a nice spot in the lake/river (or any other water body) and have immense patience to wait the for the fish to bite the bait, and if it is big, we literally have to wrestle to pouch it.

Well, things are about to change for good, thanks to 'Anglr Tracker', a smart fishing rod attachment. It promises to provide vital information such as the best location for fishing, tips on which bait to use, cast timing, and other statistics to catch the fishes more efficiently.

Anglr Tracker is a brain child of Nic Wilson, Landon Bloomer, and TJ Corbett. They conceptualized this idea during their fishing trip last summer.

Within months after the expedition, they developed an Android app with basic features to manually type in the fishing expedition details, so that the information can be used a reference for future trips for fellow Anglers. Now, Anglr Tracker module, which works on IoT (Internet of Things) platform, auto-logs entire fishing trips seamlessly from the rod and is also designed to track every cast, every catch, and understand user's key patterns of success.

"Any fisherman you talk to will tell you they're interested in the data from their past trips. Problem is, nobody wants to use the manual logs that are available today to document that information. With sensors, we're automating the collection of this information in a way that doesn't alter normal fishing behaviors," Tech Crunch quoted Nic Wilson (co-creater Anglr Tracker), as saying.

How Anglr Tracker works?

Once the AnglrTracker is attached to the fishing rod, it automatically pairs with the user's mobile phone via app and registers the location of the water-body. If somebody had visited this place before, it retrieves crucial data such as native fish species, best position for catching the fish, which bait to use and reeling pattern for a particular fish. It even comes with motion sensor to alert the user of fish getting caught in the fishing rod.

The company has reportedly received $1 million in funding from Bluetree Allied Angels in Pittsburgh and joined hands with Pennsylvania-based equipment maker to deliver the final product in November. They have already taking pre-orders for $129.99. Interested consumers can book it (HERE).