Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.Facebook/ Robert Downey Jr

Angelina Jolie and 'Iron Man' Robert Downey Jr have emerged as the highest paid Hollywood actors, according to a recent survey.

While Jolie has topped the women's list with a whopping $33million, it is no match for Downey's humungous $75million earnings.

The massive gap in the earnings of the two actors is reflective of the prevailing gender disparity, when it comes to the paycheck of actors in the glitzy Hollywood.

Interestingly, Angelina's $33 million merely equals to Denzel Washington's earnings. Washington is ninth on the men's list.

Channing Tatum is second in the highest paid male actors' list with figures of $60 million, whereas 2013 Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, with $26 million, succeed Jolie in the women's list.    

The rankings is part of a study by US group Women's Media Centre, and highlights some disparaging trends of underrepresentation and under participation of women in different fields.

Here is the full list of top ranking actors, male and female, of 2013.

Highest Paid Male Hollywood Actors in 2013

Robert Downey Jr - $75 million

Channing Tatum - $60 million

Hugh Jackman - $55 million

Mark Wahlberg - $51 million

Dwayne Johnson - $46 million

Leonardo DiCaprio - $38 million

Adam Sandler - $36.5 million

Tom Cruise - $35 million

Denzel Washington - $33 million

Liam Neeson - $31.5 million

Highest Paid Female Hollywood Actors in 2013

Angelina Jolie - $33 million

Jennifer Lawrence - $26 million

Kristen Stewart - $21.5 million

Jennifer Aniston - $20 million

Emma Stone - $16 million

Charlize Theron - $15 million

Sandra Bullock - $14 million

Natalie Portman - $14 million

Mila Kunis - $11 million

Julia Roberts - $11 million   

(The figures have been taken from Daily Mail, which quoted the same from New York Film Academy.)