Angel Hair
Angel Hair or Spider Web Clump?YouTube Screengrab

In what has been dubbed as a rain of strands of "angel hair", residents of Portugal witnessed these mysterious strands of white substances falling from the sky.

This is for the second consecutive weekend that strands have been spotted by the locals, who were left puzzled to see the "angel hair" that seem to "come alive" when exposed to ultraviolet light.

By definition, angel hair is a sticky, fibrous substance in connection with either alien activities or "religious visions". It is very similar to a cobweb or a jelly, AOL reports.

The event was recorded by a witness on a camera, as the residents suspect that these might have fallen from a passing UFO.

A local source informed that the hair-like substances were spotted in the afternoon. No one came forward to answer when enquired whether an aircraft had crossed the area before the rain of "angel hair". The resident further said that he, along with some of his friends, had examined the strands.

"Me and a couple of friends sent it to be analysed – and the weirdest things happened. It reacts to UV light. It comes alive," Metro reported.

However, they have not been able to understand the reason behind it coming alive. The major problem with studying the substance is that before a researcher properly examines it, it evaporates.

Apart from Portugal, similar sightings of strands of hair falling from the sky have been reported in Finland and Canada.

While some conspiracy theorists believe that the strands of hair could be related to an alien aircraft's propulsion system, others think that they might be "chemtrails." Chemtrails are very dangerous biological agents that can be disseminated by some aircraft all over the world.

"These fine fibres falling from the sky were regarded as being the byproduct of UFO propulsion systems, allthough sceptics tend to explain themas being created by migrating spiders or by dust particles polarised by atmospheric electricity and are a natural phenomenon. It is only in recent years that angel hair sightings have returned again. Samples quickly evaporate making it difficult to analyse their composition and nature," Nigel Watson, author of the Hanes Manual for UFO Investigators, said.

According to him, strands of hair falling from the sky were also witnessed in the 1970s. But considering people were more superstitious then, the incidents were dubbed as "religious visions". Residents of Fatima, Portugal, also experienced a similar event in 1917, which was also categorised as a "religious vision".

Earlier, such "angel hair" sightings were understood to be manifestations of Virgin Mary.