Angad Bedi
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Actor Angad Bedi, who was last seen in Soorma as the driving force and elder brother to Diljit Dosanjh based on real life story of Sandeep Singh, is all geared up to be seen as a lawyer in his next. Ekta Kapoor's next web series based on real life courtroom drama The Verdict narrates the story of Nanavati murder case one of India's biggest and high profile court cases. Angad will be seen playing the real life character Karl Jamshedji Khandalavala presenting the defense on the famous case of all time K M Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra. Actor Sumeet Vyas will be seen playing the role of eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani facing Angad on screen in this interesting court drama series that once shook the nation.

This would be the first time Angad will be seen donning the cape of a lawyer onscreen. He took this as an opportunity to play the role as a matter of fact lawyer Khandalavala is a legend, a Padma Shri awardee, an author, he was a connoisseur of art and music. Karl Jamshedji Khandalavala was a very flamboyant and India's top criminal lawyer. So much so that the man never lost a case in his life. 15 top lawyers refused to fight the open and shut case only then did he take it on and turned the verdict around and won the case. Karl was also an ex Indian Air Force man who also served as a judge. He was a family man but in his professional field he fought every case as if it was his last which he never lost.

When asked Angad playing Karl, he said, "To portray a real life character is the toughest job for an actor.. because one never knows which direction to flow.. karl Jamshed khandalavala has been my most challenging yet emotionally draining part I have ever played or prepped for. To play your age is much easier.. here I play a man who is very flamboyant. And very sure of himself. Who is also a connoisseur of art and music.. an ex airforce officer and a judge. Never lost a case in his life. So the prep was the most challenging part. To internalize Karl I read up a lot on firstly the law set in the 1950s. Spent time on getting the char body language correct. Speech used in court in that era Was crystal clear.. so had To keep all that in mind while trying to memorize 6 to 8 page monologues".

Speaking about his new look and inspiration he said, "I saw films like a few good men.. Philadelphia and the recent the judge.. Karl is arrogant in court.. but he also has an emotional and a very private side.. which I saw in Robert downing jr. The look played a very important part. This is the first time I have had a chance to experiment with my look. So the suits were brought in the rimless round spectacles came in. The hand watch came in to play.. with a very stiff upper lip kind of arrogance".