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IB Times India Rating:3

"Anegan" directed by KV Anand is a movie of some fabulous performance and is a visual treat. The director has managed to pull off a decent script in a way which appeals to the mass audience. The movie has every ingredient that is expected from a Tamil entertainer but fails to reach the point of being a fabulous movie.

Story, Screenplay and Direction

The story of the movie revolves around a video game designer Madhumadhi (Amarthya Dathur) who works in a multinational company owned by Ravi Kiran (Karthik) and Aswin (Dhanush) is newly recruited to the company as a system head. Madhu falls in love with Dhanush the moment she meets him but Aswin thinks Madhu is crazy when she explains the reason for her to fall in love with him.

She tries to convince him by saying that they have been soul mates in three previous births but they could never be together as destiny forbids them. What follows is a series of thrilling turn of events in their life, which connects them to their previous life and the characters in their present life.

The success of KV Anand in making "Anegan" is the fact that the he was able to narrate the complicated storyline of four different time periods without any tangles. He managed to keep the audience glued as much as possible, especially in the first half as the movie was filled with details which establish the period and the setting of the movie.

Another noticeable aspect of the movie is the smooth and smart transition between the periods, which was an interesting attempt from the director. What was most relieving is that there was no typical attempt of establishing various periods through a narration by a recognisable voice. Instead, the script writer managed to create dialogues and visuals, which swayed from one period to another without any confusion.

A director's brilliance lies in the way he assembles all elements of his movie. Here KV Anand made sure his songs (though they don't stand out) are placed so rightly that audience feel them as part of the narrative which is also a treat for Dhanush fans.

Performance and Casting

"Anegan" is a complete Dhanush movie and the actor has carried four different looks and roles with ease like they were his second skin. He gave out a fabulous performance as an entertainer and thrilled audience with his dance, fights as well as the one-liners.

Karthik again made his audience understand why he deserves the titled "Navrasa Nayagan" by portraying a character, which is charming and equally intriguing.

Other lead actors of the movie Amyra Dasthur, Aishwarya Devan, Lena, Ashish Vidyarthi, Jagan, Mukesh Tiwari and Vinaya Prasad have also done their parts well.

Technical Aspects

Talking about the technical aspects of the movie, a special mention has to be given to the cinematography, art design and the costume design. The visuals were impactful and appealing and similarly, the detailing of the art department and the costumes established the setting and time period of the story.


When it comes to point out the negatives, the climax of the movie somehow failed to nail it. The fight sequences at the end were dragging beyond a point and the tint of predictability at the climax portions spoiled the build up that was created till then.

The script of the movie as said before has some loopholes, which held the movie from being a fabulous entertainer.

Some of the stunt sequences, it was obvious that they were made for the sake of satisfying the ardent Dhanush fans. The exaggerated fight moves did not blend well with the interesting narrative style, which KV Anand used for his movie.


To conclude, "Anegan" is a brilliant attempt by KV Anand, he tried a new visual style to tell his story and to an extend he was successful too. "Anegan" is a onetime watchable flick and if you are a Dhanush fan you might hit theatres twice or more.