"Anegan" is a romantic-thriller directed by KV Anand. Dhanush, Amyra Dastur and Karthik are in the lead roles in the Tamil movie.

Story: "Anegan" tells the compelling story with multiple layers. The movie begins with Samudra (Amyra) falling in love with Murugesan (Dhanush). Situations separate them but they came face-to-face a few decades later as Madhumita and Samudra. Cut to the present, there is Madhu (Amyra), a game artist, and Ashwin, a system lead in the same company, meet each other. What follows next is the thrilling turn of events in their lives that connects them to their previous characters.

KV Anand's has narrated a complicated story in a convincing manner. Even as songs play speed breakers, the screenplay holds your attention throughout the movie. He is well backed by technical departments. Especially, the cinematography is top notch in "Anegan".

Acting wise, Dhanush, Amyra Dastur and Karthik have given flawless performance.

Dhanush in "Anegan"Twitter/ Dhanush

Audience Reviews:
"Anegan" has garnered positive reviews from the audience and critics.. People have praised the thrilling narration and the brilliant performances of Dhanush and Karthik. Below, we bring you the live updates of the movie posted by audience:

Dhananjayan Govind Wrote
@anavenkat After #Maghadheera, #Anegan is a well-knit screenplay with reincarnation theme sir. The end shot of wood with names is amazing:-)

Sidhu Writes
Do it for the Dangamaari. #Anegan, here we go!
#Anegan Interval: Engaging. Slightly complicated screenplay which has to be watched with utmost concentration. Full marks to the visuals!
#Anegan: The Kaali portions and the climax tug between Dhanush and the villain are the highlights. Claps, whistles guaranteed. Review soon!
#Anegan: Dhanush, Karthik and Amyra come up with knockout performances. Lovely visuals & music. One of the best scripts in a long time.
#Anegan: First class. Well engineered psychological thriller with enough surprises to keep you pinned. Must watch!

Sreedhar Pillai Posted
#Anegan 3.5/5.@anavenkat's Perfect packaging & solid story @sureshsubha. All rounder @dhanushkraja new girl @AmyraDastur93 makes it rocking.
#Anegan – 3.5/5. All credit 2 director & his writing partners 4 keeping us engrossed & have done their homework well. It's fresh & different
#Anegan – 3.5/5. @dhanushkraja nails it with the 4 characters he does in the film, with the mass Kaali being outstanding.
#Anegan - 3.5/5. @AmyraDastur93 4 a newcomer is the surprise packet, she steals the show & looks pretty and confident . #Karthik too good.
#Anegan – 3.5/5. Technically super- razor sharp cuts by #Antony, Camera by #OmPrakash, is fab the Burma scenes & in sync with dir's vision
#Anegan - 3.5/5. #Kiran's production designs (interior of ship & 80's Vysarpadi, posh gaming office ) have given the film a rich look.
#Anegan – 3.5/5. @Jharrisjayaraj back in top form, my pick the melodious "Athadi Athadi" & the mass rocker "Danga Maari".
#Anegan - 3.5/5. Downside – Racy first half but post-interval speed slackens. After a terrific build there is a drag in the climax.

Sai Shyam Posted
#Anegan - A solid entertainer from @anavenkat, @dhanushkraja, @AmyraDastur93 and team! Complete review soon!
#Anegan - Never thought the crowd at Escape would go this crazy. #DangaMaari @anavenkat @dhanushkraja @Jharrisjayaraj
#Anegan first half - As usual, @dhanushkraja is giving a power-packed performance. @AmyraDastur93 is impressive too!!
#Anegan First Half - @anavenkat's screenplay would definitely bamboozle you. Therikka vitrukar :)

Sail Ventures Tweeted
#Anegan: Expecting @anavenkat to kalachify himself for the placing of #ThoduVaanam in his next movie when we are so much into the movie..!
#Anegan: All the supporting roles are very wisely used by @anavenkat. Jegan, Asish Vidyarthi, @dhanushkraja 's sister played their part well
#Anegan: @sureshsubha Grown up reading their novels in school. The same mesmerizing experience with the sharp dialogues. Thank you SIRs..!
#Anegan: TY @anavenkat for such a crisp, scintillating screenplay that keeps everyone glued to the screen. Arguably the best in recent times
#Anegan: @dhanushkraja Getting better with each movie. Don't miss the iconic interaction with Karthik in the climax. Standout performance..!
#Anegan: A complete package and a visual celebration. @dhanushkraja excels in all his AVATARs. A treat to watch! @AmyraDastur93 You Beauty!!

Narayanan Posted
#Anegan Highly Engaging.Story superb.@anavenkat has beautifully linked story from 1 era to another.Thumbs up fr 1st half.
All songs except #Dangamaari came n 1st half.Story biggest +http://ve.Camera and songs superb.#Anegan @AmyraDastur93 acting good.
In recent times,#Anegan s only movie 2 have superb 1st half.Sliightly #magadheera feel.@anavenkat has done thorough research in story.
#Anegan Has all possibilities 2 b a BB if 2nd half s equally good

Haricharan Pudipeddi Posted
#Anegan is so messy but somehow KV Anand pulls it off. Good work. Traces of Magadheera

Christopher K
#Anegan Very gud 1st hlf!!Thriller.dhanush and amyra both r superb, music & cinematography also gud, K V Anand keeps us guessing throughout
#Anegan Superb 1st half & a Okayish 2nd half ! 80 % of the film is good. Lot of logical flaws, so climax is not convincing.Superb songs,cmra
#Anegan 2nd half is gud!! Climax is puzzled :) karthick acting is gud! 2 songs r cool.. Few questions are kept open!! Njoyable film

Fab Flickz Posts
#Anegan - Well drafted Romantic thriller with fine performances from the cast & crew & perfect technical work. Our rating 3/5
#Anegan - 2nd half falls lil flat as half of it is imaginary and half is reality. Karthik gave a fantabulous

Priya S Wrote
#Anegan ..Good Movie for Brain-Head people.Difficult to connect.Heart touching scenes felt good..Dhodu vaanam song has takkar visuals..
Slow paced scenes.Love can do anything according to director belief.2nd half make you edge seat some times. Watch it for dhanush #anegan

Multi Star Suriya
#Anegan review : it is a #psychological thriller from @anavenkat 's with weight story, tight screenplay leads till end.
#Suriya anna fans again welcome @samanthaprabhu2for 24's #dirVikramkumar @rajsekarpandian @2d_entpvtltd
#Anegan 1st half over - tight screenplay. twists r still enclosed, 2ndHalf waiting @anavenkat
#Anegan review :visual presentation not much impressed team has only concentrated on #screenplay tats has lagging #Music as well.

VijayManiac Posts
#Anegan Review-Dangumaari is worth the wait..the film has lot to cherish& value...a must watch..entertainment guaranteed Rating-4.25/5 (5/5)
#Anegan Review- Editing and cinematography is the backbone for the film that carved this Kv.Anand's awesome script...Rating-4.25/5 (4/5)
#Anegan Review- Screenplay is tight..but some scenes leave us unconvincing...and bet you, the film will never bore you..Rating-4.25/5 (3/5)
#Anegan Review- First half mixture of elements..Full of twist.,surprising & classy visuals..best effort from Kv.anand. Rating-4.25/5 (2/5)
#Anegan Review-Good Love Story & good concept based film..that we have never seen..complex screenplay leaves us engaged..Rating-4.25/5 (1/5)