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Android Nougat OS update now reaching Motorola Moto Z in select regions; wider rollout to take place soonMotorola Official Blog

It now seems like the fairly new Motorola Moto Z has started receiving the highly expected Android 7.0 (Nougat) as an OS update. This rollout follows that of the Moto G4 and The Moto G4 Plus; users of both the smartphones have already started receiving the new firmware as an update.

Now, as per a new report, Android 7.0 is active for Moto Z users in China. This rollout is important considering the fact that going by the pace and speed with which Android Nougat is seeding to current-gen smartphones, it should come as no surprise if the latest rollout gets wider and bigger in the very near future.

Therefore, it is essential for owners of Motorola Moto Z handsets to check their devices; via initiating manual searches, to detect newer OTA notifications representing Nougat firmware. Also, if you happen to reside in China, then do check for the Nougat build that reportedly bears number NCC25.106-11.

Also, the latest rollout seems to be a phased one, hence, do not fret if you do not receive the new OS update/firmware notifications on your devices.

If you do not see new OTA notifications about Android Nougat firmware, you can initiate a manual search by navigating to Settings > About Phone System Updates

As far as Android Nougat-specific enhancements are concerned, the firmware introduces aspects such as:

  • Multi-Window view
  • Google Daydream VR platform
  • Quick Switch between multiple applications
  • Enhanced Google Doze
  • Direct reply to received notifications
  • New custom Data Saver
  • Split-Screen mode
  • Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Unicode 9 emojis
  • New customised work mode
  • Support for comparatively more languages.

[Source: TheAndroidSoul].