Android Lollipop's new feature to strengthen security
Android Lollipop's new feature to strengthen securityGoogle

There is a lot of buzz regarding Apple's Touch ID feature, which allows people to use their fingerprint as passwords. Though a few flagship Android smartphones have already featured this, Google has made their security system stronger by updating facial recognition system with all the essential features.

Named "Trusted Face", this feature was originally introduced with Android 4.0, but missed the essentials to be a convincing one.

Once the mode is enabled, it automatically switches the camera on and instead of asking for pins or patterns, it recognises the user's face. Once the camera is able to do that, it shows up the regular swipe to unlock the screen. If it fails to recognise the user's face, it would ask for the default PIN.

This new feature has improved a lot with faster detection and better recognition capability.

Meanwhile, the biggest competitor of Android, Apple is promoting their Touch ID as a complete substitution of security system. Capable of detecting fingerprint through biometric pattern, it is trustworthy too. They have also released their software development kit and few third-party apps came out utilising this.

Google will surely establish this complete and trusted security substitute for Android smartphones. But one thing is for sure, Trusted Face is one of the best features of Android Lollipop 5.0.