The Marshmallow update for Android devices has been marked as an incremental upgrade, complete with stability improvements. Below are the top five improvements you will witness in supported Android smartphones after upgrading to Marshmallow.

Google Now on Tap

Google Now will be significantly improved in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. Users will be able to run "Ok Google" command from any screen on the handset. One major update to the virtual assistant will be Now on Tap, which can be used to bring up essential information while performing other tasks. For instance, users can get more information about a person while watching a YouTube video by simply holding down the home button, Trusted Reviews reported.

App Permissions

Google will introduce useful App Permissions in the Android 6.0 update, letting users decide how much access each app can get before installing. Currently, users have no option to customise the permissions, forcing them to accept everything at once in order to install an app.

The App Permissions will work when necessary. For instance, if users wish to send a voice note using WhatsApp, a pop up will ask for a special permission to access the microphone. But users can later revoke the permission. This will enhance user privacy, which of late has become a major concern among smartphone users.

Android Pay

Google's Android Pay will finally make its way to Android smartphones in the Marshmallow update. This will let users to make payments using NFC and take advantage of card emulation techniques for tap-to-pay services, Tech First reports. The Android Pay setup requires users to enter their card details and Google will create a virtual account to make future payments. Hence, no card details are shared with the store.

Fingerprint Support

Fingerprint scanners in smartphones are the highest security standard and Google will standardise the feature in Android M. Google is also working with different phones to make a standard API that can function with their sensors to evoke fingerprint scanner, which can be used to make payments, unlock device, purchase apps and more.

Doze- Power Management

Running out of battery too soon on your Android smartphone? Google finally has a solution in its new Android M update. The web giant will add a new power management feature called Doze to optimise the background processes, resulting in less power usage. Doze is also designed to understand if there is any activity in the smartphone using the motion detecting sensor and shut down certain processes. According Tech First Post, Doze has improved the battery life on a Nexus 9 by almost two hours compared to Android 5.0 Lollipop.