Android 5.0 Lollipop: Top Key Features of New Mobile OS
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With Google having released Android 5.0 Lollipop along with its device, the Nexus 6, last year and currently running in most of the high-end android smartphones available in the market, speculations have started doing the rounds on next big software dubbed as Android 6.0 'M'.

According to reports that have been doing the rounds for months, release date of Google's new software Android 6.0 'M' should fall later this year, perhaps in the month of October or November and come running in the next Nexus device. The search engine giant may provide more information on Android 6.0 or at least give some hint at its upcoming annual conference Google I/O 2015.

It may be mentioned that Google hasn't made official announcement on its next version of Android, but many have gone ahead by claiming that the next iteration should start with "M" after "L" for Lollipop.

What does the word "M" stand for?

Google has the tradition of naming its software after sweets, the latest being Lollipop, so its upcoming firmware is also expected to follow the same path. Going by the reports on the firmware that have surfaced so far, "M" could stand for Muffin, Milkshake, Milky Bar, Mud Cake and the likes.

Interestingly, several reports have claimed that Google's Android 6.0 'M' will be much better than its earlier firmware - Android Lollipop. The upcoming firmware is expected to come with several features like improved security that allows inclusion of a kill-switch in smartphones, Android TV, and built-in Android auto support.