Android M
Android M could be the next big step forward for Google

Each year Google comes around with a brand new version of its Android operating system, and each time there's always something new on offer from each version.

The Android Lollipop released last year, and the Android KitKat released prior to that would vouch for it.

However, no sooner was the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop unveiled to the world, all experts started making assumptions regarding the next version of Android and the kind of changes and features we might get to see. The fact, however, is that more than half of the smartphones are indeed yet to get the latest Lollipop.

We have absolutely no idea as to what the major changes will be for the futuristic Android version 6.0, aside the fact that we don't even know what it will be called (M for Milkshake?). However, going by the changes in the latest version of Android, here are a few changes that users could expect from the version.

Beefed-up Security for All Phones

Sure, the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 update is effectively addressing issues related to smartphone security, but things could only get better for Google's operating system going forward. There's now the improved Device Protection where your lost or stolen device will remain locked until you sign in with your Google account, but major security buffs will surely look for the inclusion of a killswitch into their smartphones. In case you didn't know, the killswitch has been single-handedly responsible for bringing down smartphone theft rates in the US.

Android TV

We are sure that at some point of time in the future, Google would take cues from the likes of Apple TV and come up with something from its own R&D department for users, something like an Android TV. The idea here is to let you phone sync with your TV and view content. You could even incorporate the phone with the TV, and enjoy videos, games, TV shows and more. Also, expect major names in the television business – Sony, Samsung and Sharp – to support the drive from Google.

Android-Smart Home Integration

There was a report from Android Pit no long ago, claiming that the moment Android M arrives, the 64-bit architecture will become a sort of history among companies. The report claimed that an important bit of the newest version of Android will be related to the concept of Smart Homes with your regular smartphones being able to sort out everyday work for you. Interestingly, the report even talked about Android 6.0-operated AI robots.

Improved Notification Bar

The next version of Android is said to offer more refined looking and enhanced notification bar. With the changes, users can slide it to access all the incoming and remaining notifications, although the bigger deal is expected to be its general layout, with more appealing features. However, more details on the improved notification bar with the new OS are not expected to arrive anytime soon.

Built-in Android Auto Support

When Apple came around with its CarPlay support for automobiles, it was only a matter of time before Google revealed its own plans for the automobile sector. Now, we have Android Auto from Google that keeps a tab on you from the car's dashboard. However, reports in the past have pointed at the possibility of a newer version of the Android that would be built directly into cars, thus eliminating the need for accessory devices and as of now, the choice of Android version for that remains to be Android M.

November 2015 Release

Going by the usual roadmap that's been followed for each of the Android releases in the past, expect the next biggest version of Android to arrive later this year, with an October or November 2015 timeline looking the most probable. However, if Google has more plans for its current Android Lollipop platform this year, you could expect the release date for the 'M' pushed back to mid-2016.