Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OTA Update, Factory Images For Nexus 10, Nexus 7 Available: Nexus 9 To Get It Soon [How to Install]
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Update For Nexus 10, Nexus 7: Factory Images, OTA Update AvailableScreenshot from Google's Android Official Site

Google has finally unveiled its much-talked-about software, Android 5.0 Lollipop, on Wednesday along with the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9, which run on the new OS. Now, android users will be curious to know its release date and the devices that will get the update.

The search giant said that Android 5.0 Lollipop update will be made available in the coming weeks but it has not revealed the exact release date. However, it is very likely that it will be rolled out for update to high-end smartphones when the Motorola Nexus 6 and the HTC Nexus 9 are released sometime in November.

It is confirmed that Google devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and other Google Play edition devices will get Android 5.0 Lollipop, which was named Android L at the time of its announcement at I/O conference in June this year, but was still not sure if it would come to the Nexus 4.

Traditionally, Google stops software support on devices that are 18 months old, so many may come to the conclusion that the Nexus 4 might not get Android 5.0 Lollipop update. However, Google has now confirmed that the Nexus will get the new software.

"I know there is a meme for this somewhere but... be assured the missing "Nexus 4" in the Lollipop update notice is just a mistake, we are fixing it now :) Now please put down your pitchforks again and let's have some candy!" wrote Sascha Prüter on Google+

Android 5.0 Lollipop will also be rolled out to several Google Play edition devices. Android devices that are expected to get the new software are Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G with 4G LTE, Moto E, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, HTC One, HTC One (M8), Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G, OnePlus One, and Sony devices that were released in the last one year.

Google unveiled its much-awaited software, Android 5.0 Lollipop, which it described as "the sweetest release yet", on Wednesday. It has several impressive features like Material Design, Notifications, Battery saver that can extend device use by up to 90 minutes, and several others.

(Image Credit: Screenshot from Google's Android Official Site)