A Google Nexus 5 user has revealed a screen shot of his "About Phone" section, which shows the device running on Android KeyLimePie OS version.

It has been previously noted that Google was rumoured to launch the Android 5.0 KeyLimePie OS version after the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, but surprisingly revealed the existence of Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Surprisingly the user has received a Nexus 5 with KeyLimePie, but is not really happy with it.

"Its horrible its laggy buggy and everything force closes i was lucky i got a screen shot in," Slorks posted on XDA forum.  

The device is said to have come pre-installed with the Android version, which might also indicate that it could be the unreleased version of Android before it was renamed to Kitkat.

 "I emailed the seller waiting to either return it or just update it myself," he added.

The handset is speculated to sport a build version as the kernel version on the image states "3.4.0-g4fe2b9f-00007-gf6f939fsangjoon84.lee@buildgb2#1"

However, the authentication for the device and the OS running on it is yet to be confirmed.

What We Know So Far - KeyLimePie

Release Date: The Android KeyLimePie is expected to show up in mid-2014, which is around the Google I/O event in San Francisco, reports Techradar.

User Interface: The Android 5.0 KeyLimepie is speculated to bring a brighter user interface. The screenshots of Google Play 4.0 show Google's app market taking on similar design ques.

In August, Google has been spotted applying for a patent according to which the user would be able to open different apps by using different lock patterns.